Android App Development Services

Android App Development Services

Our app-developing procedure

We value ideas as a top app development company, and every idea deserves to be developed in order to become a reality. Every idea must be worked on in order to become a reality. After a lengthy conversation between the customer and the developer, a strategy must be drawn out to ensure that there is no ambiguity. This transparency in interactions leads to fantastic and satisfying outcomes.

  • Exchanging views

    Everything begins with exchanging viewpoints amidst the client and the android developer. Once the clients share their requirements with our developers, they instantly begin working on the draft. The engineering is then worked upon to provide a lasting effect.

    Being a well-known app development company in Delhi, NCR. Stellar Digital provides full-range app design, management, and combination services. The company oversees the entire development process, from conceptualization to implementation, whether it is a user-focused app or a remarkable business class arrangement.

  • App designing and development

    After an extensive discussion on the ideas, the developers then begin to add graphics, icons and other features to make the app look more appealing. All of these details are added keeping the requirements of the clients in mind. Thereafter, the functionality and server-side elements are checked as well.

    By incorporating unique features and creating fresh designs, we improve the look, feel, and functionality of a current mobile app to increase mobile navigation, aesthetics, and responsiveness.

  • Testing phase

    At this point, the developers take care of the fact that there shouldn’t be any bugs in the application. Therefore, several tests and necessary revisions are conducted so that the app runs smoothly.

    Stellar Digital's meticulous testing procedure has helped them establish a solid reputation as a top app development company. We value quality and provide applications that are bug-free. While searching for issues, our testing team makes all the necessary changes to the app to ensure that it operates as intended. The finished app was released when all the problems were resolved.

  • Deployment

    This is the final stage of app development as here the app is eventually deployed in Play Store. Now your app is accessible to all the customers your business targets.

    After this, the users can download the app and you can start witnessing a good return on your investment. We continually monitor app performance so that, if necessary, any new problems can be resolved.

Features of Android

Every idea must be worked on in order to become a reality. After a lengthy conversation between the customer and the developer, a strategy must be drawn out to ensure that there is no ambiguity. This transparency in interactions leads to fantastic and satisfying outcomes.

The ability to customize the appearance of the home page includes widgets. The calendar app is the most prevalent example of this because it will show a view of forthcoming events and reminders without the need to open the app itself.

The sole objective of a widget is to showcase commonly utilized functions so that the user can use them from the home screen without the need of opening the app. A widget is like a shortcut for an app. Clock, music, weather, and other types of widgets are just a few examples of the many different types available. In order to integrate customize widget features in your app you can take the help of a professional Android app development company that provides full-scale Android app development services.  

Dynamic content insertion allows you to include keywords and other information to pages with the objective of matching them more closely with your visitor ads, email campaigns and more to make them more relevant. It is also called as symmetric messaging.

Users like expressive content such as images, videos etc. But they found it difficult to move and insert this expressive content into apps. In order to make it easier for apps to receive rich content (Android 12 API Level 31), Google launched a unified API that enables your app to accept content from any source.

Users of Android devices can insert rich material like text, text with HTML formatting, audio, video, images, and more using this feature. Content can be entered using a variety of methods, including the keypad, drag and drop, and the clipboard.

The Rounded Corner API, available in Android 12 and later versions, allows you to find out information about a screen's rounded corners, including its centre and radius. The rounded corner of the screen may be recognized by your Android app using this API, which prevents the UI elements from being truncated.

Through our android app development services, you can execute this API in your app.

Grids go perfectly with rounded corners. They aid in cordial communication, space-saving, and drawing focus on the content rather than the component.

There are many people who are not big fans of typing on a keyboard and the reason behind it is the lack of feedback you get while tapping. Although not all input devices provide the same tactile feedback as a mechanical keyboard, it is incredibly helpful to be aware of when you have successfully written a letter on an onscreen keyboard. 

While confirmatory feedback just provides enough information to determine whether a response was correct or incorrect, informative feedback offers more detailed information that can be used to fix problems.

The option to automatically attach and enable specific audio effects when a specified audio device is selected for audio capture or playback is available to device manufacturers starting with Android version 11. One significant innovation is the ability of the audio effects framework to regulate audio effects introduced on an audio path completely below the audio HAL (direct connection between an input device and an output device).

Although it may be used with various Android form factors, this feature is primarily aimed at automobile OEMs. The best illustration is adding a voice enhancement effect to the FM tuner output when it is connected directly to a speaker via the audio DSP.

The audio effects are utilized to improve the audibility of sound or to enhance a particular audio feature. The Android source code includes various default audio effects such as bass boost, loudness enhancer, and equalizer, which are subsequently applied to the file using Audioflinger while using audio. 

Android offers built-in applications for phone calls, but there are situations where we have to make a phone call via our application. This could be easily executed by implicit intent with the right actions.  

Whenever there is a strong cell signal or an internet connection, Android-powered smartphones can be used to host free conference calls. In an emergency, communicating with the closest ones is still the best option.

If you want to develop a business phone app, then Stellar Digital the best android app development company offering full scale android app development services and has a team of experienced app developers that can help you out.

Notifications refer to the message that android showcases outside your app’s UI to offer the users reminders, interaction with other people, and other timely information from your app. Users can open the app by simply tapping on the notification, and they can also take an action directly from the app.  

Notifications aid in boosting engagement, allowing you to stay in touch with clients by telling them of exclusive deals or reiterating future events. Users receive brief, tailored, and appealing updates that entice them to return and see what has changed?

If they have any questions, all it takes is a short tap on the notification to transport them directly to the service.

Resources that are specialized to a certain culture can be found in apps. For instance, a mobile application may contain culturally unique strings that are translated into the local tongue. Maintaining culturally unique resources apart from the rest of your software is a good idea. Based on the system locale setting, Android resolves resources that are specific to a given language and culture. By including resource directories in your Android project, you may provide support for several locales.

Resources that are suited to the cultural preferences of your app's users can be specified. Simply make available any resource type that is acceptable for your consumers' language and culture.


Frequently Asked Questions


In terms of revenue, the iOS platform routinely outperforms Android, but there's more to the narrative and we need to delve deeper to figure out if iOS or Android is superior. Mobile applications may take advantage of inherent mobile device functions such as push notifications, geolocation, and the camera, they are ideal for use as an engaging business tool. Our developers at Stellar Digital understand this, which is why, in the beginning, you may use either Android or iOS to give your business the boost it needs.

Our general strategy of developers at Stellar Digital is to chalk out a plan and then get started with the intricacies. These are- UI/UX designing, testing, analysing and then eventually deploying it to their respective platform.

Certainly! We, at Stellar Digital, would constantly help you by providing need-based, tailored, and targeted advice, as well as making the purchasing decision-making process easier. The advice imparted by our developers are reliable and you’d witness them materialise in no time.

They most certainly will! Developers at Stellar Digital would make sure they stick to your project till the end of the procedure. On top of that, they’d further assist you with support and maintenance services so that there remain no errors ahead in the future and the app remains bug free.

Indeed! As a client, you have all the right to ask for modifications in your application. Modifications can be asked for various reasons, some of which are- market conditions, client requirements, host modifications and organizational changes. Even after we’ve deployed your application, as a client, feel free to approach us to incorporate any further changes.

Even after your application is deployed on its respective platform, our mobile application development team would extend their support to you in the form of offering support and maintenance services and even in implementing modifications, etc.

The creation and deployment of the app depends upon the complexity of the app. If the application is a simple one, you can expect it to be done by 4-6 months. A complicated application can take up to 8-10 months and your prices are decided accordingly. Along with that, factors like- platform (iOS/Android), type of projects (marketplace, CRM, EHR, etc.), visual designs and maintenance services eventually decide the final time and cost of the app development.

We, at Stellar Digital, make sure that your online identity, data and presence is prioritised and protected via various resources of ours. Antivirus software, blocking unwanted user access, and remote monitoring software that diagnoses problems and allowing administrators to take care of issues online are all part of our defence tactics.

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