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Our app-developing procedure

  • Exchanging views

    Everything begins with exchanging viewpoints amidst the client and the android developer. Once the clients share their requirements with our developers, they instantly begin working on the draft. The engineering is then worked upon to provide a lasting effect.

  • App designing and development

    After an extensive discussion on the ideas, the developers then begin to add graphics, icons and other features to make the app look more appealing. All of these details are added keeping the requirements of the clients in mind. Thereafter, the functionality and server-side elements are checked as well.

  • Testing phase

    At this point, the developers take care of the fact that there shouldn’t be any bugs in the application. Therefore, several tests and necessary revisions are conducted so that the app runs smoothly.

  • Deployment

    This is the final stage of app development as here the app is eventually deployed in Play Store. Now your app is accessible to all the customers your business targets.

Features of Android

Every idea must be worked on in order to become a reality. After a lengthy conversation between the customer and the developer, a strategy must be drawn out to ensure that there is no ambiguity. This transparency in interactions leads to fantastic and satisfying outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions


In terms of revenue, the iOS platform routinely outperforms Android, but there's more to the narrative and we need to delve deeper to figure out if iOS or Android is superior. Mobile applications may take advantage of inherent mobile device functions such as push notifications, geolocation, and the camera, they are ideal for use as an engaging business tool. Our developers at Stellar Digital understand this, which is why, in the beginning, you may use either Android or iOS to give your business the boost it needs.

Our general strategy of developers at Stellar Digital is to chalk out a plan and then get started with the intricacies. These are- UI/UX designing, testing, analysing and then eventually deploying it to their respective platform.

Certainly! We, at Stellar Digital, would constantly help you by providing need-based, tailored, and targeted advice, as well as making the purchasing decision-making process easier. The advice imparted by our developers are reliable and you’d witness them materialise in no time.

They most certainly will! Developers at Stellar Digital would make sure they stick to your project till the end of the procedure. On top of that, they’d further assist you with support and maintenance services so that there remain no errors ahead in the future and the app remains bug free.

Indeed! As a client, you have all the right to ask for modifications in your application. Modifications can be asked for various reasons, some of which are- market conditions, client requirements, host modifications and organizational changes. Even after we’ve deployed your application, as a client, feel free to approach us to incorporate any further changes.

Even after your application is deployed on its respective platform, our mobile application development team would extend their support to you in the form of offering support and maintenance services and even in implementing modifications, etc.

The creation and deployment of the app depends upon the complexity of the app. If the application is a simple one, you can expect it to be done by 4-6 months. A complicated application can take up to 8-10 months and your prices are decided accordingly. Along with that, factors like- platform (iOS/Android), type of projects (marketplace, CRM, EHR, etc.), visual designs and maintenance services eventually decide the final time and cost of the app development.

We, at Stellar Digital, make sure that your online identity, data and presence is prioritised and protected via various resources of ours. Antivirus software, blocking unwanted user access, and remote monitoring software that diagnoses problems and allowing administrators to take care of issues online are all part of our defence tactics.

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