iOS App Development Services

iOS App Development Services

Our app-developing procedure

We follow a procedure keeping every small detail in our mind. We’ll break each step down for you so that you are familiarized with the substantial stages of our entire iOS App Developing Procedure.

  • Strategy

    Initially, when the client shares their views with our developers, our team instantly creates a proper strategy to bring it in shape. Software development isn’t something done in a jiffy- therefore, the developers would make sure that they’d implement functionalities tailored specifically for the requirements of the client.

    It's crucial to share your concept with a best app development company like us. Because it gives us the opportunity to start from scratch and create an application to surpass your expectations.

  • Prototypes

    Prototypes imitate the user experience and the app’s processes. They are quite a time-taking process. To make sure that an iOS application is flawless, the developers ensure proper optimization. This optimization enables smooth navigation and provides an intuitive user experience.
    When you put them into evidence using illustrated wireframes and prototype screens, everything starts to manifest in that comprehensible shape.
    Before the entire team can be on the same page, it takes a lot of conversations, approval, etc. to develop the basic structure of the app.

  • Maintenance

    Even after the app development procedure is completed and the app is eventually deployed on Apple Store- we have a team that offers post app development maintenance services. Our developers would provide regular updates whenever necessary. These updates are a part of the maintenance procedure.

    We strive to provide the best mobile app development services as a reputable app development company in Gurgaon. In addition, Stellar Digital is also dedicated to assisting you maintain it so that it is resistant to any kind of technological update or a large influx of user traffic.

Features of iOS Applications

Stellar Digital is a highly reputed app development company in Gurgaon, our iOS developing team takes care of various app development services. For creating safe and expandable digital solutions, iOS application development services are renowned. Stellar Digital, the top iOS app development company has a team of experienced iOS app developers who make sure that your applications are developed to take your business to the next stage. Here’s a detailed insight into the features incorporated into the latest iOS software that our team would work upon providing you.

On iOS 16, your notifications will start to automatically show up underneath your lock screen. These alerts can be simply deleted, tapped on to adjust app notifications, and swiped up to view more of them. On iOS 16, your notifications will start to automatically show up underneath your lock screen.

iOS offers a useful selection of lock screens that can be laser-focused, such as a data-rich lock screen for the work emphasis or a photo lock screen for the personal focus.

The focus feature is specifically designed to aid you in automatically filtering notifications and apps on your Apple devices on the basis of your status. This feature allows you to minimize distractions across your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.  

You can adjust the focus of your device on your preferred activity. Whether it is exercise, gaming, sleeping etc.

Shareplay in the Facetime app allows you to watch TV shows, and movies, listen to music with friends, and so on. Features like synced playback and shared controls allow you to view and hear the same moments at the same time. 

Features like volume and media audio get adjusted dynamically, which allows you to continuously communicate while listening and watching. During a FaceTime call share play can also be utilized with other applications.

Utilize the wallet app for safely securing your cards and passes in one reliable place for easy access. 

The wallet app can store transit cards, digital keys, driver's licenses or state IDs, employee badges, student ID cards, reward cards, boarding passes, vaccination passes, event tickets, etc.

iOS app can also be redesigned with the help of Xcode. It is the graphical interface that you employ while creating iOS applications.

The iOS SDK, tools, compilers, and frameworks found in Xcode are specifically needed to create, design, write, and debug an iOS app.

The modern swift language programme recommended by Apple for native iOS app development services.

iOS-based products are designed in a way that protects your data and privacy. Built-in security features prevent anyone from accessing the data on your iPhone and iCloud. The amount of information that is made available to anybody besides you is reduced by built-in privacy features. Also, you have full freedom to adjust what information is shared and where to share it.


Frequently Asked Questions


In terms of revenue, the iOS platform routinely outperforms Android, but there's more to the narrative and we need to delve deeper to figure out if iOS or Android is superior. Mobile applications may take advantage of inherent mobile device functions such as push notifications, geolocation, and the camera, they are ideal for use as an engaging business tool. Our developers at Stellar Digital understand this, which is why, in the beginning, you may use either Android or iOS to give your business the boost it needs.

Our general strategy of developers at Stellar Digital is to chalk out a plan and then get started with the intricacies. These are- UI/UX designing, testing, analysing and then eventually deploying it to their respective platform.

Certainly! We, at Stellar Digital, would constantly help you by providing need-based, tailored, and targeted advice, as well as making the purchasing decision-making process easier. The advice imparted by our developers are reliable and you’d witness them materialise in no time.

They most certainly will! Developers at Stellar Digital would make sure they stick to your project till the end of the procedure. On top of that, they’d further assist you with support and maintenance services so that there remain no errors ahead in the future and the app remains bug free.

Indeed! As a client, you have all the right to ask for modifications in your application. Modifications can be asked for various reasons, some of which are- market conditions, client requirements, host modifications and organizational changes. Even after we’ve deployed your application, as a client, feel free to approach us to incorporate any further changes.

Even after your application is deployed on its respective platform, our mobile application development team would extend their support to you in the form of offering support and maintenance services and even in implementing modifications, etc.

The creation and deployment of the app depends upon the complexity of the app. If the application is a simple one, you can expect it to be done by 4-6 months. A complicated application can take up to 8-10 months and your prices are decided accordingly. Along with that, factors like- platform (iOS/Android), type of projects (marketplace, CRM, EHR, etc.), visual designs and maintenance services eventually decide the final time and cost of the app development.

We, at Stellar Digital, make sure that your online identity, data and presence is prioritised and protected via various resources of ours. Antivirus software, blocking unwanted user access, and remote monitoring software that diagnoses problems and allowing administrators to take care of issues online are all part of our defence tactics.

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