Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-Platform App Development

What Are Cross-Platform Applications?

Mobile apps that are cross-platform, are built to function on a variety of platforms or operating environments. The developers manage to create apps using a single code base. This way, they are enabled to effortlessly release new applications on several operating systems. This trend has gained immense popularity lately, because of which, its relevance has become more prominent. A major shift has been witnessed from desktops to mobiles and this has been the most significant OS revolutions in the developing industry, so far.
We, at Stellar Digital, keep an eye on the changing trends like these. Thus, as a cross-platform mobile development company, we guarantee that we’d provide you with a seamless experience throughout. Our cross-platform app developers employ frameworks for creative execution, instead of creating separate apps for multiple platforms- which happens to be a much more complex procedure. This is a more time-saving process.

Cross-Platform App Development Procedure

There is a certain procedure that, we, as a cross platform developing company follow. Our development team runs the essential-design, development, testing and deployment process of app creation. This formula is useful for rendering a scalable, resilient, high-quality, interactive, appealing and a top-notch application that operates on a variety of devices.

  • Gathering Requirements

    The structure is now worked upon. From adding little details to enhancing the visual appeal- the entire UI/UX designing is completed that eventually provides the users a high-end experience.

  • Development

    The next part is shifted to the developing team where the coding is done. As a result, development is faster and there is always a scope for growth.

  • Testing the App

    Just before the app is properly sent for the client’s final approval, the developers go through an extensive process of testing the app to see whether it is bug-free or not. This may be a time-taking process, but constant feedback will be shared with the client. This keeps the client’s trust in our developers intact.

  • App Deployment

    After following ample procedures, the app will eventually, be ready to be deployed on Google Play Store and Apple Store- along with the client’s respective server. Now the application will officially be ready to use.

  • Post App Support & Maintenance Service

    You read that right! Even after all the work is done, our developers would make sure that your app stays up-to-date in terms of features and work performance. And for that, they would offer you with timely updates and recommendations that can be incorporated for better functionality.

Cross-Platform App
Developing Services

When we speak about the services we offer as a cross-platform development company, you can trust us based on the following factors:

Our flexible approach
Experienced developers
Quality service
Delivery before deadlines
Pricing transparency


Frequently Asked Questions


As the name indicates, a cross-platform mobile application is one that can operate on many systems. The cross-platform strategy is a suitable alternative to native development since it avoids the problem of having to design different apps for each mobile device.

There isn’t just one, but several other factors that supplement the fact that WHY exactly do businesses give importance to cross-platform applications because of which they are relevant. Whether it’s about a single code, deployment, upgradation, maintenance or even budgeting- no business would risk missing their presence online on various platforms.
As an affordable cost agency, Stellar Digital has designed their packages such that they’d suit your pocket.

A few examples of cross-platform applications are- OpenOffice, Firefox, Chrome, Adobe Reader, VLC, React Native, Flutter, etc.

Cross-platform app development is less expensive and faster since you may reuse a large portion of the code, including the backend and all user interface layers. At Stellar Digital, we come with a team of in-house and offshore developers- which, in general, is the preferred combination to opt for.

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