Does Email Marketing Still Work?

Most of us are still wondering what sort of relevance does email marketing carries in today’s time? Allow me to answer you stating a solid fact-based on email marketing’s relevancy

There are 4 billion people that use email on a daily basis. By 2025, this figure is predicted to rise to 4.6 billion. (2021, Statista)

Email Marketing is a powerful digital marketing technique. Prospects are converted into customers with effective email marketing and one-time purchasers are converted into repeat customers and adoring fans. It has been around for a long time for a reason. It regularly outperforms all other marketing channels in terms of interacting with prospects, nurturing them and converting them into customers.

There are additional benefits to email marketing because of which it still holds relevancy. Don’t believe us? Check out these stats

  • Email marketing is used by 64% of small firms to reach out to clients.
  • 35% of marketers send 3-5 emails each week to their consumers.
  • Four out of five marketers stated they would rather forego social media than email marketing.
  • Email- according to 74% of Baby Boomers, is the most personal method for communicating with companies.
  • Personalization of emails based on gender, race, and ethnicity is used by 20% of retail, e-commerce, and consumer goods and services organizations.

What Sort of Importance Does Email Marketing Carry? 

To put it more simply. Email marketing is a lively and effective method to communicate with people. Consider your personal experiences when you bring them home.

Is there anyone you know who doesn’t have an email address? Every week, you most likely get a number of emails from e-commerce sites? (I sure do). You read them, are inspired by them, and even anticipate the next one. Thus, email become an important component of our daily life this way.

Email marketing is also a highly personal technique to reach out to your target audience. That is why, when email marketing is personalized, it performs best.

If you still feel unconvinced, here are a few reasons that specify the importance of email marketing

  • Cost-effectiveness and economical

It’s simple, efficient and economical. An Email marketing agency enables business owners to contact a huge number of customers at an inexpensive cost per communication. 

According to certain research, 85% of merchants regard email marketing to be one of the most effective client acquisition techniques.

Despite the existence of a plethora of new technologies and social networks, marketers still continue to rely on email. And the reason is simple- email marketing has actually managed to generate a better ROI and this has been noticed from the last few decades’ spans.

Unlike traditional marketing initiatives, where printing, shipping, and other expenses may add up quickly, direct mail operations are quite inexpensive. You can still generate the same output with emails, but with the added benefit of having follow-up information quickly available with a single click to your website.

  • Shows better results than social media

Don’t get us wrong: social media is a critical component of any company’s marketing plan. Social media is an excellent platform for communicating with your target audience and building personal ties with them. As a result, it is a vital initial step toward achieving your ultimate aim — conversion.

Email marketing, on the other hand, is the way to go when it comes to turning individuals into members, consumers or supporters.

  • Action centric

Whether you realize it or not, everyone has been educated to do something with an email – respond, forward, click-through, sign-up or even direct purchase.

Consider this: email is a transactional medium that can be used to attract people to your website and eventually drive revenue. When developing your overall small company or startup marketing plan, leveraging email will allow you to see results right immediately. This includes not only sending out newsletters but also employing email automation depending on your customers’ triggers.

  • Customizable and personalize

What you’re really doing in email marketing is segmenting your audience into lists and sending each list a tailored email message that resonates with your reader and can provide them with something of value. By using your email marketing software correctly, you can address people individually by name, split certain topics only for certain members of your list, and eventually arrive privately in their personal inbox.

In addition to that, it’s high time we disregard this misconception; the email does not have to be SPAM – and it never should be! It may be utilized strategically to increase brand loyalty and trust. Delivering necessary email marketing services is essential for developing relationships with prospects, leads, existing customers and even previous customers since it allows you to talk directly to them in their inbox at a time that is convenient for them. Be approachable and engaging. You are not violating their space if you have carefully picked your message and receiver.

Mass Mailing vs Automation

Since you’re likely to be dealing with a significant number of email subscribers, most companies utilize email marketing software to create, send and analyze their email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing can be further divided into

  • Mass Mailing
  • Automation

Mass mailing

Mass emails are broadcasts that are sent to a huge number of recipients by hand. They may or may not be demographically classified, and they are not prompted by user activities or part of an automated campaign.

Simply said, it is a single message designed for a broad number of individuals. They’re frequently used for newsletters, announcements, sales campaigns and other firm information that isn’t specific to particular consumers.


Automated emails are targeted campaigns that are sent solely to specified persons on your email list. Certain actions, qualifications and demographics, such as clients signing up for a certain webinar or purchasing a specific product, may trigger the start of an automated email campaign.

Automated emails are considerably more relevant to the receiver than bulk emails. Email marketing tags are assigned to subscribers based on their interests, actions or purchases. This helps you to convey unique information that is relevant to the individual’s requirements, preferences or challenges, increasing the likelihood that your emails will stand out in a busy inbox.

The Bottom Lines

That was all about email marketing. And through all the facts and figures presented, we can assure you one thing- email marketing, still, is very relevant and in demand.