What Is Google Tag Manager?

You can quickly and simply alter measurement codes and associated code fragments, commonly known as tags, on your website or mobile application by utilizing Google Tag manager.

From a web-based user interface, you can easily and securely install analytics and measurement tag setups.

Interaction with Tag manager will become much simpler after you installed it on your app or website. Then, using the web-based user interface for Tag Manager, you can create tags, triggers that make your tags fire when particular events happen, and produce variables that may be used to simplify and automate your tag configurations.

A container is the collective term for all tags, triggers, variables, and associated customizations deployed on a specific website or mobile application. Every type of manually written tags whether it is Google Ads, Google Analytics, Floodlight, and third-party tags etc. will be easily replaced by Google tag manager on a website or mobile app.

Benefits of Google Tag Manger

  • Coding knowledge is not a necessity

Without any deep knowledge of coding Google Tag Manager make easier for user to implement tags. Its user-friendly interface lets users to edit, remove or integrate GTM tracking code without any support of web developers.

Thanks to GTM even the small businesses who has shortage of technical support can be able to increase their online tracking.

  • Support flexibility and experimentation

The GTM has opened the door of opportunities for marketers to test and try out different strategies and ideas. GTM offers flexibility to easily experiment and enhance strategies that is in-line with new digital marketing trends without having to wait for external assistance.

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  • Everything is in one place

Once upon a time developer requires to locate the several JavaScript code snippets in a website or app’s source code for making additions, changes and deletions. Now GTM has simplified and enhance the overall process of utilizing tags. There is no need for the user to develop and manage code on several platforms because with the help of GTM tracking code it can be managed on a single location. When everything is in one place common the most frequent human errors like getting code and inaccurate doesn’t takes place.

  • Improve speed

The right way of setting-up GTM is when the tags are fired asynchronously instead of synchronously. Instead of waiting for each tag to load before firing, each tag is deployed as soon as it loads.

  • Simple debugging

GTM comes with preview and debug mode that lets you to test your tags before they are deployed to your site. What tags are fired? And what data is being collected you can checkout all of that.

GTM is very beneficial for troubleshooting and making sure that your tags are functioning in a right way. In a restricted environment its testing tools enables you to test your tags before they are deployed to your site. With GTM you can keep an eye that your tags are working correctly and not causing any sort of problem.


Google Tag manager is the master tool that can make the life of marketer heaven. You can track things such as adding a blog, what impact it have on your site, does the number of visits grown or decline. Similarly changing the colour or including a CTA button what impact does it have? Did they increase or decrease clicks? But you should know how to effectively use GTM if you face any challenge, at Stellar Digital the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon we have an expert team of digital marketers that can fix your problems with ease. Be sure to check out digital marketing services as well.