Why Google Not Displaying Business Profile?

Are you aware that 86% of people use Google to check a business location?

Since Google consistently dominates local searches, it is essential that your website and online listings be optimised for Google to help current and potential clients find you and your services.

If despite creating a Google My Business (GMB) account, you are still unable to appear in Google search results for your services.

This article is for you folks in which we will highlight the major reasons Why Google not displaying business profiles.

Let’s begin,

Reasons why Google not displaying business profile

  • Google My Business listing is not verified

There are some businesses that have not been verified, and you must claim yours. Google typically needs to contact the address via phone or postcard to verify it. Google My Business or Google should be used to verify it. If it isn’t verified, it won’t stand a chance against the competition. Maybe the only way it will show up in the results is that if your business has less competitors. You must include your postal address for Google to verify your business.

  • Your business listing is suspended

In the unlikely event that your Google My Business listing has been suspended due to a quality problem, Googlewill not display your listing. If you have changed your address and are awaiting confirmation, this could happen for a number of reasons. Google may also be asking about the location of your company and requesting picture evidence before suspending your listing. If Google notices that you’ve stuffed your Google My Business title with keywords, you could run into trouble. Contact Google Support as soon as you realise your listing has been suspended for help restoring your Google My Business listing.

  • Relocation

Given that your company lacks geographical permission, this may be another important reason why your profile does not appear in Maps. It means the listing hasn’t been optimized or made sufficiently clear for Google to display potential clients by ranking it highly.

Your organization doesn’t have location authority thus, you have to navigate through many pages of Google Search Results. People are plainly choosing from the first few results on the maps, therefore it is obviously not optimal.

  • Duplicate Google My Business Listings

Unfortunately, if you have many GMB listings, Google will receive inconsistent information about your company. Perhaps it’s because you haven’t closed off your old listing after moving your company and without closing off your old address. You might have unintentionally created a new GMB listing when you already have one. Whatever your reason, always make sure you have a separate GMB listing for each location. Google may require up to three days or even more frequently to update your listings. Contact Google directly to request that they process your updates if you have been waiting more than 15 days.


Remember that your business profile is one of the vital aspects of your local SEO strategies. That’s why it is essential to often check your information in order to make sure its correct, no one has been up to any misconduct or Google didn’t just commit any grave mistake by wrongly modifying your information.

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