Top 6 mobile app development trends 2023

The overall number of mobile users is anticipated to surpass 7 billion by 2026. It comes as no surprise that the market for mobile applications is expanding and bracing for new ideas and opportunities.

Future trends and innovations, such as the introduction of 5G, will significantly increase the speed, connectivity, and usefulness of apps.

Creative thinking and strategic development will be required when new programming languages, development methodologies, such as AI, AR, and Blockchain, are introduced and vulnerabilities must be patched.

Let’s look at some of the top technological developments that will shape the future of the leading mobile app development industry.

Technology trends that are redefining the mobile app development industry

  • On-demand mobile apps

On-demand mobile apps are now the main focus for any professional mobile app development company. Due to the fact that 42% of adults have used on-demand services Due to the increase in demand for streamlined app development, the on-demand development model will expand.

The use of on-demand apps, ranges from long and short commutes, groceries, food delivery, retail, healthcare, and more.

These apps are able to access the user’s location and provide the necessary services.

On-demand apps make it easier to complete daily tasks quickly and efficiently.

  • Instant apps development

Instant apps have entered the picture when it comes to the future of the mobile app development industry. Most users avoid downloading the app to preserve their phone’s memory. It eases the burden on the user base, which boosts your app’s revenue.

You can enable people to access content without downloading it to their mobile devices by creating an instant app. Deep linking is used wisely by developers to ensure that user information is recorded without using up any of their disc space during the development phase.

  • 5G technology

The market for mobile app development will be impacted by the arrival of 5G technology. In 2023, 5G connections will increase 15 times more than they did in 2020. A 5G user can anticipate greater efficiency and speed, with over 10 times less latency and 100 times more speed, depending on their respective mobile operators.

As 5G penetration increases, the use of this rapid advancement in mobile app development will improve mobile app functionality. Rapid download and upload rates on mobile applications will make users happy and joyful, and developers will keep adding new features to take advantage of the enormous potential of 5G technology.

  • Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning entered the industry of mobile application development years ago. However, we have yet to fully realise its potential.

Virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa come to mind whenever we think about AI. However, the use cases go well beyond what can be accomplished with an app.

Apple first released Core ML 3 in 2019. To help developers incorporate AI technology into their apps, the iOS machine learning framework was upgraded.

AI features examples that can be executed into a mobile app comprises of

    • Face detection
    • Image recognition
    • Text and image classification
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Sentiment recognition and classification
    • Speech recognition

Not only can artificial intelligence make apps smarter, but it also improves their overall functionality. AI will completely change how apps are created, from the back-end development process to the front-end user experience.

  • M-Commerce

It will be impossible to compile a list of app trends in 2022 and beyond without mentioning mobile commerce. Many people are taking advantage of mobile apps’ potential to boost their income. Everyone is impacted by this trend, from large merchants to personal brands, independent creators, etc.

The majority of businesses are aware of the profit possibilities in this industry. For instance, during client meetings, mobile eCommerce capabilities is frequently emphasised by resellers of mobile apps. Every day, firms release new apps to increase their revenues.

  • Enterprise apps

The future of the mobile app development business will be reshaped in large part by enterprise apps. The majority of businesses needed app solutions to streamline operations, boost productivity, and ensure that projects are completed on schedule.

Within businesses, there is a lot of data that needs to be shared with a very low risk of hacking. If you choose commercially available solutions, your business may not be strengthened with the appropriate level of security. The solutions might not be able to move the data in real-time in the interim.

Based on business needs, you can simplify the IT process with custom corporate app development. You can find answers to problems that take a lot of time, thereby increasing corporate efficiency. Additionally, it can help to secure digital assets and safeguard digital identities for businesses.


These are the some of the key tech trends that is going to shape up the future of mobile app development industry. Being adaptable with rising trends is the key to success for businesses. If you are interested developing a mobile app for your project then welcome to Stellar Digital the best mobile app development company in Gurgaon and Delhi offering mobile app development services. For further discussion simply shoot us at