Make The Most Out Of The Surge In Podcasts

Let’s be real. Before going through this entire article, you’ve already made up your mind to not undergo that pain. You see, we’ve reached such a time in our lives that the patience-level of the readers are receding and with this, arrives the era of podcasts.

This sudden surge has demonstrated some really impressive facts

  • Every week, approximately 155 million individuals have been listening to podcasts since 2020
  • Podcast listeners watch seven different episodes every week on average
  • The most common age group for podcast listeners is 25-44, accounting for 49% of all listeners
  • Over 700,000 podcasts are now live, with 29 million audio episodes accessible
  • Spotify is currently the most popular podcast app in the world, closely followed by Apple’s podcast app

Also, here’s a fun fact

September 30th of every year is celebrated as International Podcast Day

So, What Does One Understand By a Podcast?

A podcast is a series of episodes that are digitally created and organized and focus on a certain subject or themes such as technology, start-ups, or anything else. We may call it radio in digital form. Podcasts are often free and may be found on a variety of platforms. To listen to Podcasts, all you need is a device and a good internet connection.

Dave Winer (a software developer) and Adam Curry began podcasting in 2014 (MTV Video Jockey). Ben Hammersley coined the name “Podcast” to popularize the notion. The journey, which began in 2004, got significant traction in 2013 when Apple Inc. revealed that it had reached 1 billion podcast users.

More than 9,00,000 Podcasts were streaming as of January 2020 and millions of people listened to them at least once a month. Podcasts have grown in popularity dramatically since then.

“Alright?” you may ask, but you’re probably looking for a convincing explanation on its popularity, right?

We’ve got your back, don’t worry

The Secret to a Podcast’s Surge

It’s a universal fact- the initiation of its popularity began back in the USA.

The ease of podcasts is one of the reasons they are growing more popular. Users may listen to audio episodes while jogging, cooking or cleaning, among other activities. As a result, they provide a simple approach to learning while doing anything else.

Podcasts also allow listeners to educate themselves without spending a fortune. The world we live in focuses on social concerns. There was a time when people were able to learn more about these subjects through shows, as well as hear a greater spectrum of voices—or listen to people who held similar beliefs.

In terms of education, podcasts can assist listeners in learning more about areas of interest to them. They can also learn about the sector in which they work, receive vital insights for school test subjects or learn a new skill.

However, podcasts aren’t only for learning. They are also a source of enjoyment for many listeners. This is not dissimilar to radio shows. Aside from the broadcasts themselves, podcasts provide listeners with access to a similar community. Hosts frequently interact with their listeners via social media, newsletters and their websites. As a result, they provide a means for people to meet others who are similar to them.

Therefore, all of these factors when combined- supplemented the overall liking of a person towards podcasts.

But, how can we associate podcasts with our digital marketing strategy? Well, here’s your answer

Can Podcasts be a Part of a Firm’s Digital Marketing Strategy?

The good news is- YES!

Podcasts are adaptable, illuminating and overwhelming. One single media has so much promise that no marketer should overlook it.

Our strategy at Stellar Digital will assist you in defining and structuring your podcast program to coincide with your marketing objectives, as well as defining an execution plan that fits your schedules and budget.

Podcasts are produced by around 3% of marketers.

Podcasting is a very successful approach to promote a business in a digital marketing agency and the following are the reasons why you should include a digital marketing podcast in your marketing strategy

  • Low entry barriers

Podcasts may be created from any location. Some podcasts are produced in studios, while others are produced at home and many are produced on the streets. Podcasting involves little investment and can be done by anyone on any topic/theme. There is no requirement for a script and if you do not have one, you can go with the conversational Podcasts.

Podcasts, unlike images and videos, have a very minimal production cost and can be worked upon from literally the zone you’re most comfortable in.

  • Increases website traffic and improves SEO strategy

Podcasts provide major SEO advantages.

When hosting a podcast, be sure that each episode contains a transcript. Following this might allow you to employ more keywords which would simply increase your chances of driving visitors to your website. The links may be placed back to the website, which will undoubtedly increase traffic. The Podcast names and descriptions can further be used to control keywords. You may also publish the transcript of the episode on your written blogs, which will attract visitors to your website. All the basic SEO services can be implemented conveniently with few efforts from your side.

  • Improves brand visibility

Podcasts are becoming more popular, and since the brand name is associated with Podcasts on a variety of platforms, the brand’s visibility grows. There are several tactics and hacks you can use to increase the visibility of your company using Podcasts. Having guests on other Podcasts is one of the most significant methods. You can even collaborate with another platform, such as a blog or Instagram Live; choices that are relevant to your podcast theme.

A podcast is an excellent tool for covering significant issues in your specialized sector and demonstrating the breadth of your subject. Listeners from all around the world who are interested in your topic might form a relationship with you. As a result, brand exposure and trust can be improved.

  • Targets new audience

Podcasts allow you to share your knowledge with a specific audience. The brand can distribute the Podcast through numerous channels such as Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast and others. You may contact your target audience who is interested in your material in this manner. This is how a new target market is created. The new prospective audience will pay attention to you and be interested in your items.

  • Engaging factor

Podcasts, as opposed to other forms of entertainment, are extremely engaging. People only need to play and listen, which they may do while cooking, strolling or driving. It doesn’t demand your entire concentration and you may multitask while listening to a Podcast. Podcasts are highly handy for the audience to follow, which is why they are getting more popular.

Brands do not have to continue attempting to contact their intended demographic. Subscribers will immediately receive the most recent episodes as they are released on their preferred device.

Podcasts also encourage active participation because podcast listeners spend more than 25% of their time listening to podcasts. That is why podcasts are more popular than we realize.

Hence, the moral of the story is- when a certain medium is super convenient and renders better results, one must already start on making the most of it.

Our Last Take on Podcasts

Podcasting is on the increase and will continue to gain popularity and your digital marketing company does not want to be left behind! What’s not to love about this? The entrance barrier is low, the ability to build distant relationships is strong and the chance to reach a huge and engaged audience is limitless!

So, cease thinking twice and go join the masses!