What Is The Future Of Internet Explorer?

Have you heard about it?

The Internet Explorer11 desktop application had been discontinued for some versions of Windows 10, and its support ended on June 15, 2022.

Which brings us to the next question?

What Microsoft users will do now? Is there any alternative to Internet Explorer or a solution?

If you’re wondering the same thing, don’t worry; in this article, we’ll talk about the future of Internet Explorer.

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Future of Internet Explorer

Microsoft began making plans last year to replace Internet Explorer on Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge not only provides a quicker, more secure, and modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer, but it also addresses a major concern: compatibility with older, legacy websites and applications.

Internet Explorer mode (‘IE mode’) is embedded into Microsoft Edge, allowing you to view old Internet Explorer-based websites and applications directly from Microsoft Edge.

According to the Windows Experience Blog

They established a path to the web’s future with Microsoft Edge while simultaneously protecting the web’s history. Although the changes were required, they didn’t want to give up on reliable, still-operational websites and applications. They are helping you move to Microsoft edge’s more feature-rich browsing experience and are outlining why they believe it will satisfy your needs both at home and at business.

Enhanced compatibility

You receive a double-engine benefit with Microsoft Edge, which supports both legacy and new websites. For websites and applications that still require Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer mode provides built-in legacy browser support. In reality, Microsoft Edge is the only browser that includes built-in support for legacy Internet Explorer-based websites and applications, including Active X controls.

Microsoft Edge is also based on the Chromium project, which drives many modern browsers, and as a result, it provides top-notch compatibility for modern websites. You receive the best of the web, both past and future, thanks to the dual-engine advantage.

Streamline productivity

It can be annoying to have to use various browsers for different tasks. Although you may prefer to use a modern browser, a public website or internal work app may require Internet Explorer.

That’s where Microsoft Edge comes in. Its dual-engine advantage helps you get more done in less time. Rather than switching to a different browser for each site. You can now only use Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge also includes innovative, cutting-edge capabilities that aren’t available in Internet Explorer. Do you have a lot of tabs open on your computer? To free up resources, use sleeping tabs.

Are the similar tabs along the top of your browser tough to read? Move them to the side and use vertical tabs to make them easier to read.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your favorites were more than simply links? With collections, it’s easier to collect and organize the information you find on the internet.

Do you have a preference for different browsers for business and personal use? Instead, try creating multiple profiles in Microsoft Edge and using it exclusively.

Improved browser security

Every second, over 579 password attacks are attempted, necessitating the use of a browser that is suited to the task.

With Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, Microsoft Edge offers the best protection against phishing attempts and malware on Windows 10. It also has a Password Monitor that checks the dark web for your personal credentials to see if they’ve been compromised. Microsoft Edge is even better for businesses when combined with the Microsoft 365 Security Suite.

On Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is more secure than Chrome for business.

In today’s shifting security landscape, it’s also vital that Microsoft Edge responds to security problems more rapidly. While Internet Explorer11 receives monthly security updates, Microsoft Edge can give significant flaw security patches within days, if not hours.

If you’ve been using Internet Explorer for years, Microsoft Edge can now be your go-to online browser thanks to increased compatibility, faster productivity, and improved browser security.


If you’ve used Internet Explorer to create apps to help your business and communicate with people all around the world, you’ve played a key role in how the web has evolved. While we say our goodbyes to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge is poised to take its place as your go-to browser for work, life, and everything in between. Microsoft Edge’s IE mode offers unrivaled internet compatibility, whether the website was created ten years or ten days ago. Microsoft Edge is the future of Internet Explorer, providing you with faster, more secure, and more contemporary browsers. Subscribe to Stellar Digital, a well-known mobile app development company that offers services in mobile app development, web development, and digital marketing services.