What’s New In Google Ads Audience Feature?

For Advertisers to be aware of the various changes to Google Ads’ audience targeting and reporting features- Google has released these modifications, which were communicated to advertisers through email, are minimal, and some have already begun to affect accounts.

You read that right.

But what is this all about? And how would it be affecting you? Stay tuned as you’ll get to know everything from scratch.

Let’s understand these better

Reuse your Audience

As for advertisers, they would be able to reuse their audience for not just one, but several other campaigns they conduct in the future. Once you manage to build an audience for a certain campaign, it will be saved by Google Ads for the campaigns you’d carry out in the future. This functionality is now available as an audience signal on Performance Max, and it will be added to Discovery, Video Action, and App campaigns in the near future. This has been established by a tweet from Ginny Marvin. Check out the thread here.

New Terminology

Some essential terms in your audience report and throughout Google Ads are being renamed. For instance: remarketing is now termed as your data. Here’s the list you are looking for:



Affinity (audience)

Affinity (segment)

Combined audience

Combined segment

Custom audience

Custom segment

Combined list

Custom combination segment

Detailed demographics (audience)

Detailed demographics (segment)

In-market (audience)

In-market (segment)

Life-event (audience)

Life-event (segment)


Your data

Similar audience

Similar segment

New Reporting of the Audience

Google has added a brand new “simplified view” of the reporting features at the left-side navigation menu. This segment would demonstrate information on audience demographics, audience segments, and exclusions. This is their way of consolidating their audience’s report into a new Audience Tab.

Here is the entire information as a testimony in the form of a tweet right here.