Why Blogging Is Important For Marketing And SEO?

Blogging: Is it still relevant? Or more specifically, what function does blogging serve in SEO and marketing?

Every month, 70 million new articles are made, and WordPress  alone accounts for 42% of all websites. As a result, blogging continues to be an essential component of an online marketing strategy.

According to a survey, 90% of businesses used blogs to help advertise their brands in the last 12 months out of all the content marketing formats available, including videos, e-books, infographics, and online events.

But given the abundance of online content, how are they managing this?

They may achieve this by using the right strategy, focusing on blogging-related priorities like SEO, and spending time getting to know their target audience.

However, if you are new to SEO or have experience with content marketing, you could be curious as to whether it is still worthwhile to develop blog strategies or spend time outsourcing blogs. Well, despite the fact that social media has taken center stage in content strategy, blogs are still very much alive and kicking.

Blogging increases traffic and helps establish authority and brand recognition. And those leads and traffic turn into customers, helping to build an audience.

Making popular blogs, however, that support your business objectives is an entirely different subject.

As a result, even if they are essential, you must take the time to develop a strong strategy that expands and engages your audience and draws visitors to the website of your company.

Now get into the,

Reasons why Blogging is important for Marketing and SEO

  • It helps to build trust and authority

Blogging aids in the development of trust and authority.

But do you want to know how?

Establishing your expertise on the topics you discuss will come through offering suggestions and trustworthy information that customers may use.

Blogs are a fantastic method to gradually grow your readership and demonstrate your industry and product line specialization.

The E-A-T concept, which stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, is crucial to developing content.

Google acknowledges that the E-A-T is crucial to its algorithm and how it analyses and recognizes content even though it isn’t a ranking criteria.

This means that the information in your content must be accurate, useful, and informative throughout the site.

  • Generate new leads

Customers may request more of your content if they like it.

Having them sign up for your email list is the best strategy to draw in new customers.

This makes it less intrusive than asking people to like an ad that asks them to subscribe to an email list in order to receive a coupon.

It has been demonstrated that using blogs to build a reputation with leads before requesting their information is a wise strategy.

If they decide to read your content, they will have already decided that they enjoy it and are interested in learning more. Through the exclusive, practical information, there is a stronger engagement with your brand.

The subscription opt-in can then be included as a pop-up at the end of the blog or as they scroll, allowing readers to quickly submit their information and continue reading.

  • Encourage the concept of a community centered around your organization

Using a blog to promote your services and build lasting relationships with potential customers is a successful strategy. Share your blogs on social media to expand your readership and create a community around your articles, business ideas, and perspectives. When you share a blog post on social media and attract new users to your website, you will start to realize how much traction a blog can generate.

  • Repurpose blog content for social media

Additionally, blogging for your company might help you gain exposure on social media. Every time you write a new article, you’re producing information that readers may share on social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, helping to expose your company to a new audience that you would not have previously encountered.

It also helps keep your social media presence going.

Your blog can act as that content store instead of requiring your social media manager to always produce fresh content for social media (or produce that stuff yourself).

By using a blog, you can expand your social network and attract new internet visitors to your blog. Isn’t that a symbiotic relationship?

  • Create your brand and boost thought leadership

A strong reputation is unbeatable, and blogging is a crucial investment in this process because it enables you to communicate with your audience in interesting ways. Your blog is how you can express your opinions and ideas about a particular subject. From there, you can email, post to social media, and link to this blog from other websites. Once you start to establish yourself as a legitimate thought leader in your field, visitors will keep returning to your website to access this information.


We hope that this article will be able to explain why blogging is still important for marketing and SEO. In addition, there are numerous other factors, but we have only emphasized the most significant ones.

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