7 Best Node.js Security Practices To Follow In 2022?

Even though Node.js is secure, like any other programming language or framework, third-party packages may require additional security measures to protect your web apps. According to the report,14 % of the NPM (Node Package Manager) ecosystem has been compromised, and another 54 percent is about to be impacted indirectly.

Let’s get started with Node.js security best practices in today’s article

Node.js Security best practices to follow in 2022

  • Validating user input

SQL injection is the most common security issue with node.js. It’s a method for a hacker to insert SQL statements into any database. To eliminate this vulnerability, the best practice is to never transfer parameters from the front end to the database query without sufficient monitoring. Always validate the values provided by the user.

CSS attacks are another prominent security risk. Cross-site scripting is another name for it. A hacker is given the opportunity to execute any javaScript code. The fundamental step in preventing a QSS attack is to validate the user input.

  • Utilize environment variables

Most node.js developers make the mistake of using configuration files that are customized to their environment. As a result, they make a mess of their projects. Instead, developers should make use of environment variables.

These variables should be used at every stage of the project. As a result, developers can prevent critical information from leaking out.

  • Prevent your data leaks

You can’t rely on your front-end in both situations, such as sending data to it and receiving data from it. Attackers can simply acquire secure data sent from the backend by manipulating your system.

The solution available to solve this problem is time-consuming, but it is quite effective. Consider sending only the data that is requested. Don’t retrieve more information from the database than is really necessary.

  • Utilize security linters

Are you aware that you can identify security vulnerabilities even while creating code?

Using linter plugins like eslint-plugin-security makes this possible. The linter plugin warns you about any dangerous code practices you’ve used while programming.

  • Employ client-side rendering

Model-View-Controller frameworks like AngularJS and BackboneJS have made creating dynamic page apps much easier. Client-side rendering in Node JS will greatly decrease bandwidth consumption and latency.

  • Pay attention to HTTP Headers

In truth, HTTP headers can be both helpful and harmful. Cross-site scripting and clickjacking, among other forms of attacks, can be caused by using the wrong ones or even the proper ones in the wrong places.

What can you do?

You can’t get rid of HTTP headers, therefore you have two options: pay attention to each one and examine it manually, or use a Helmet to secure them.

The helmet is a little yet powerful Node module that, simply by installing it, can help you improve your head security. Of course, you can simply customize it to expand its capabilities, but you don’t need to do much to get it to help you add or remove headers.

  • Don’t run node.js as a root

When you combine the ability to run any JavaScript code via an XSS attack with Node.js running as root, you get an endless list of hacking flaws.

We often forget how Node.js is actually executed because we live in a world of docker and microservices. We figure it’ll be simple to secure it by launching a Docker container and expecting it’ll be separated from the host machine. But keep in mind that just because you’re using Docker doesn’t imply you can run Node.js as root.


Finally, we can say that Node.js modules and frameworks enable app developers and engineers to design complex and unique systems. They also expose those systems to numerous security flaws. App developers will be able to construct a more secure system for users if they stay on top of recent Node.js security practices.

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