ASO Marketing: Are You Ready For A Multi-Territory Launch?

It’s time to expand your App’s reach into other areas. There’s a huge global audience waiting for an App like yours; all you have to do now is make it available internationally, right?

It’s not that simple, though. For different nations, ASO marketing requires creative tactics and research.

So, what makes your App successful in different countries? Let’s have a look at what you should do when expanding your App to new markets.

  • App store optimization (ASO)

ASO (App store optimization) marketing includes tactics and best practices for increasing exposure and installs, such as improving on-page assets and off-page metadata, as well as launching paid campaigns. From the moment an App is released, a strong ASO strategy may help it rank well in the App stores and garner downloads. This can work in any territory where it is available, as long as it is properly prepared.

ASO can start concurrently with the launch of the website so that the marketing is ready to go. Researching metadata trends, developing successful creative elements, and localizing for the territories you’re launching in can all be part of this creative process. When creating an App for different territories, developers should consider all aspects of the App for optimization and localization in each country.

  • Preparing metadata for launch

The metadata for the App is the first thing you should take care of during the App development process. Your App will be indexed for essential keywords as updated and displayed higher in search results if you Appropriately update your information.

This is important since App store algorithms frequently look at keywords to help them determine organic search ranks. In the case of iOS Apps, the metadata element contains the title, subtitle, and list of keywords, just like in website SEO techniques. It has a title, a short description, and a long description in Android (Google Play Apps).

Marketers generally aim for relevant and high-volume keywords, which helps their App rank for more keywords.

App marketers should always be sure to add keywords in their Apps so that customers can find them. According to a recent survey, 60% of Apps are discovered only through search.

But wait, are you willing to use keywords? Then there’s the fact that keywords will change depending on the territories you choose, so you’ll want to pay attention to the number of keywords in each country where you want to market your App.

It’s also worth noting that keywords will be utilized differently even if you’re targeting people in the same region who speak different languages.

For example

In the United States, “takeout” is the preferred term for meal delivery, although in the United Kingdom, “takeaway” is the preferred term. As a result, it simply suggests that you should focus on keywords that are more relevant and have large search traffic.

  • Designing creatives

Another key aspect of App listing is creative sets, which involves displaying icons, images, and videos to visitors as soon as they land on your App’s search page. To encourage users to download it, it should be both educational and Appealing. So, if your developers wait till the creatives sets are ready before releasing it, it will have a negative impact on the initial download.

Always try to seek for the latest trends in App stores when creating the App and prepare your App images properly to stand out from the competition. Your screenshot should focus on showing key aspects of your mobile app to let users know what they’ll get out of downloading it.

If you choose the ideal fonts, color, and positioning, your creative design sets may be superior. To attract more users, you should make the banner Visually Appealing.

  • Localizing to other regions

You might be considering which territories to launch your App in as you prepare to launch it. Because the Apple App Store and Google Play Store are available in practically every country, you should plan ahead of time to launch your App in the country where you wish to deploy it.

If you want to launch your App in a different territory, you’ll need to customize it specifically for that location. In a new region, you should provide your user with Appropriate listings based on their culture. As a result, language, subtitle descriptions, and value prepositions must all be adjusted as needed for each new territory.


When it comes to expanding your App to new markets, you must do it correctly. To stay ahead of the competition, you must identify which countries to target, localize your App for each new region, and leverage paid marketing.

The key is to adapt. Your App store optimization will be at a disadvantage and overlooked by users if it does not adjust to a new location.

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