What Is The Difference Between MongoDB vs Firebase? Which Is The Best To Pick Between The Two?

Is your app crashing and causing a service meltdown? Do you know what went wrong?

It is obviously the database. The database is a massive deal when you design apps for iOS, Android, or the web. It might become a problem if it is not designed or set up properly.

Are you facing difficulty selecting the right database for you? Check whether as an entrepreneur weren’t you also committing the same mistake again and again?

Like the mistake of choosing the technologies for the complete mobile app solution without understanding the backend development requirements. This is more when it comes to cloud storage and database.

The first thing that is very crucial to understand is the technical usage of every database. Once you have understood the usage you can decide on the right product for your business.

In this article, the two databases namely MongoDB and Firebase will be compared and from that, you can know which one is the best for you. But before diving deep into the technical comparisons it is essential first to understand the basics of the databases and things involved in them.

What is a Database?

The fundamental goal of a database is to store data in a variety of situations. It facilitates data storage in spreadsheets and text files. It’s also quite safe, with developers having easy access to the data.

Different types of databases


MySQL is the most widely used SQL relational database. It can be used to create both tiny and large-scale applications. The data in this database is kept in a linear format.
The data is stored in tables, similar to an excel spreadsheet. If you want to grasp SQL, think of it as Microsoft Excel on steroids.

Some of the popular examples of top SQL database alternatives

  • OracleDB
  • AWS aurora
  • MariaDB
  • MySQL server
  • MySQL
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • SAP SQL Anywhere
  • SQLite

It’s a non-relational database that stores and retrieves data. These function best with massive data and real-time online applications.
The data is organized in a tree-like structure. For example, new information is added as a branch, then as sub-branches, and so on, and you can keep adding.

Some of the popular examples of top NoSQL database alternatives

  • MongoDB
  • Firebase
  • Cassandra
  • Elastic search
  • Couchbase
  • CouchDB
  • OracleNOSQL
  • Redis
  • memcached
  • Neo4j
  • HBbase

Choose the Best Between Firebase and MongoDB

  • What is FireBase?

The firebase is a real-time engine with background connectivity. It’s a full development environment for web and mobile apps. Google is currently acquiring Firebase.

In comparison to MongoDB, Google Firebase databases provide a more comprehensive solution. It offers a variety of services, including hosting, storage, cloud computing, machine learning, and more.

Non-technical readers can think of this as a backend as a service. It is a service that provides a real-time database and backend. The real-time database is ideal when you want your data to be synchronized across all your app users.

You can store your data on the cloud with the cloud firestore. Your app data can be synced across all of your users’ services or shared with numerous users using this method. This one has extensive client libraries as well as complete offline support.

It also includes a comprehensive set of security rules as well as simple data browsing tools.

It works by automatically retrieving updates from your database as they occur, which is why it’s called “absolute real-time” functionality. All of the other outer-firebase products are fully integrated with the cloud firebase services.

Chatting apps, stock trading apps, multiplayer apps, and sports score updating apps are all good examples of applications that demand real-time data fetching.

Advantages of Firebase

    • It’s simple to synchronize the database across multiple PCs.
    • Don’t be concerned about the server going into meltdown if you suddenly receive a large amount of traffic.
    • Data is updated instantly without having to reload the page.
    • It is equipped with a cloud-based event queue.
    • Firebase push notifications in real-time
    • It’s perfect for a live chat or messaging app.
    • It provides the synched application state.
    • Simple hosting is possible using Firebase.
    • It has a CDN that is really fast.
  • Where to use Firebase?

When you need to build an application quickly, Firebase is the ideal option. It can be used if your app requires real-time data. This allows you to plan for easy and frequent scaling of your application. It’s ideal for things like instant messaging, social networking apps, and online gaming. It allows for real-time sync between the browser and the devices.

Some popular firms that use Firebase-
Twitch, Instacart, PayPal, Alibaba, Travels, LaunchDarkly, etc.

  • What is MongoDB?

Mongo 123 Dub is an open-source NoSQL database that gives you the flexibility and scalability you need when it comes to inquiries and indexing.
The key goals in building MongoDB were scalability and consistency. It does not provide a whole ecosystem as Firebase provides.
It focuses solely on data storage and is frequently used due to the several app categories it may support.
Developers have a lot more control over how apps are built in this environment. It’s because they don’t have to cater their application to the database’s requirements any longer. MongoDB makes it possible for the app to store data in a natural way.

Advantages of MongoDB

    • There is no rigid schema and it is dynamic.
    • This is adaptable. The application is unaffected by the addition or deletion of fields.
    • JSON or BSON data representation
    • It has a lot of sharing and scaling potential.
    • MongoDB offers geospatial capabilities.
    • Integration with BigData Hadoop is simple.
    • This bone provides a free version when you configure it in your server. You will get a serverless setup with the paid version
    • The documentation has a very vast collection of literature and tutorials
    • Since it is very flexible it doesn’t require a unified data structure across all objects
    • No SQL injection can be made
    • It is also more secure
  • Where to use MongoDB?

    • MongoDB can be used to meet changing data needs.
    • High-speed logging and real-time analytics
    • Higher scalability and better catching
    • Configuration management in its entirety
    • This can be utilized in situations where maintaining the location is critical.
    • It can also be used in larger data enterprise management.

Some popular firms that use MongoDB
Lyft, Uber, Delivery hero, stack, Accenture, Delivery hero, etc.


Both technologies have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Firebase is built for real-time updates and data management, whereas MongoDB is the ideal option for large companies that need to handle enormous amounts of data quickly.

However, the final selection is yours to make. You can weigh all of the advantages and choose the finest from these two databases. Whatever database you choose, make sure you have highly qualified developers who can set up the database structure on the back end. If you’re still unsure about which database is best for your app development project, contact us. Simply go to stellardigital.in and send us an email. Check out our mobile app development services as well.