Get More Clicks With These Homepage Banner Design Tips

If you wish to increase your web traffic by using banner advertisements. You might be wondering, “How can I build a website homepage banner design that motivates people to click?” Web banner design focuses on the systematic construction of appealing banner ads by following basic design rules.

Most of the time, when people are preparing to create a website for their business, they have already sorted out the web homepage banner design component. But if you haven’t figured it out yet, don’t worry, we here at Stellar Digital offer graphic design services to help you choose visually appealing, innovative, and high-quality homepage banner designs for your website. Always keep in mind that the ultimate purpose of your homepage banner is to entice visitors back to your site. The great banner isn’t created by chance; it takes some strategic design decisions.

Here are some crucial homepage banner design tips to help you create the perfect banner.

Top Homepage Banner Design Tips to Follow

Use of standard banner sizes

Based on Google AdSense, the most successful Banner sizes were as follows

  • Leader board- 728x90px
  • Half page- 300x600px
  • Medium rectangle- 300x250px
  • Large rectangle- 336x280px

Add prominent CTA (call-to-action)

Although banner impressions are important, nothing beats a click. By including a noticeable call-to-action, you encourage visitors to view and interact with the banner.

You can design your CTA(Call-to-action) like a button that opens the door to engagement. The most successful CTA button is likely to be large, brightly colored, and have a microcopy that instructs visitors on what to do next.

Some popular CTA examples include sign up, shop now, free trial, receiving a discount, and so forth.

Be careful in the use of images and visuals

Because your homepage is the face of your online presence, it’s up to you to make sure your photographs are of excellent quality and the right resolution for the sizes they’ll be displayed at. Images that are pixelated or blurry do not reflect well on your company. When cropping your image, make sure the proportions match the proportions of your banner image window. Nothing is more unappealing for a site visitor than engaging with a distorted image. If at all possible, avoid using clip art and instead utilize illustrations that are specifically created in a style that complements the rest of your web design.

Choose the right colors

If you don’t want your website homepage banner design to be unappealing. Make certain to pick the right colors; this is critical. Look for a color palette that is neutral or balanced and won’t overwhelm you. It will give your banner a more credible appearance, piquing their interest. Choosing neutral colors is the easiest approach to avoid clashing with the website where your banner is displayed. Choose the proper color scheme for your banner to make it look more appealing.

Don’t put any difficulty to understand the content on the banner

On the homepage, try to include user-friendly content that is simple to read or understand. This banner design tip may appear obvious, yet it is more critical than most of the others. Without realizing it, a common mistake people make is making the banner content difficult to comprehend in order to make it appear more appealing. Visitors may be attracted by new or unusual words, but they will not convert into leads. Do you believe people have the time to go for your website and then look up the definitions of words they discover there? If you like, you can use Stellar Digital’s website development services to ensure that the banner image is free of mistakes and errors.


To sum up, by following the above-mentioned guidelines, you may create an excellent homepage banner for your website. However, for a more professional result, it is recommended that you seek the help of a graphic design agency or a web design company. You will not only save time by hiring a professional agency, but you will also obtain a design that converts.