How Can We Improve Rankings For Older Content?

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The fact that you have already done the research for your post means you don’t have to spend hours finding new information to write about, which is one of the key reasons this method succeeds. You can add more detail to older posts by upgrading them, which raises the caliber of the writing. Simply said, developing existing content is simpler than creating new content from start.

Because content has previously performed successfully, you are aware that it has the ability to rank highly on Google and other search engines, which is another reason why this method works.

The article will rank even higher in search engines if it is strengthened and enhanced with current information, saving you numerous hours spent generating original content (that might not even rank that highly for SEO.)

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss how you may improve the content ranking of your older content.

Ways to improve the Ranking for Older Content

  • Enhance the freshness of your content

Regardless of how fantastic the content is, it will eventually become stale.

However, one factor Google uses to assess content quality is how recent your content is. Therefore, the best approach to get back on the search radar is to regularly update older content. You may improve your ranking by doing this, which would increase traffic.

It applies to your entire site, not just specific sections. You now have recently updated older content in addition to new content. a well-known method of outdoing rivals who might be simply concerned with producing fresh blog posts.

  • Obtaining backlinks from more domains

One of the top three factors in search engine rankings and a crucial component of search engine optimization are backlinks. Without high-quality backlinks from relevant websites, it will be quite difficult for you to rank on Google’s first page if you are in a competitive niche.

If you want to solve your stalled web pages, you may need to obtain backlinks for various domains depending on how competitive your field is.

Still, there are several ways to get backlinks, including the broken-link strategy and others.

  • Boost your CTR

Making adjustments to outdated content also affects how it appears in search results. It leaves a far better image when the date in the SERPs is from this year or last year rather than from many years ago.

As a result, upgrading your content frequently is a terrific method to boost click-through rates. This can also improve your ranks, thanks to Google RankBrain.

Resolving the potential keyword cannibalization problem:

Sometimes a page’s search rankings may drop as a result of competition from other pages on your website.

Keyword cannibalization occurs when numerous pages on your website are aiming to rank for the same keywords.

Consider combining several pages on the same subject into a single, in-depth article rather than having multiple pages on the subject. It will lengthen the text and provide you the chance to target more closely connected keywords. Additionally, you can combine the backlink strength of all those pages with the proper direction.

  • Keep your SEO up to date

Google makes many algorithm adjustments every day, or numerous times per year. Few of the adjustments have a significant impact on traffic and ranking. By updating your outdated content, you can keep it current with new information and regulations. a successful strategy to win.

Additionally, more regular updates will encourage Google to frequently index your website. It demonstrates that the search engine must prepare for more frequent content modifications so that their crawlers will visit more regularly.

Additionally, maintaining your blog’s content enables you to re-promote it, which may result in more social shares, inbound links, and traffic. Few website owners would object to any of these things.


Look to refresh previous content that has slid in rankings before creating new stuff. Instead of creating new content, content updates are quicker, less time-consuming, and significantly more effective in increasing rankings and traffic.

Your content can remain evergreen for years and generate a continual stream of Google organic traffic if you consistently update it.

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