How To Choose The Ideal A/B Tests For Your Website?

Are you testing your opt-in marketing campaigns with A/B testing? If you aren’t, you could be missing out on significant opportunities to grow your subscriber base and increase conversions.

Split testing your website is an important part of conversion optimization. However, “essential” does not imply “easy.”

Finally, this post will teach you how to conduct an A/B split test like an expert!

We’ll go through some of the most effective A/B testing types to help you generate consistent results so you can attract more leads and subscribers.

Call to action

Change the font, color, or shape of your call to action buttons to make them more effective. Although these details may appear little, they have an impact on the client’s behavior. It is worth all of your experimental time because it is the most dominant aspect of your site.

Are you aware that placing your call to action below the fold, rather than above it, raises your conversion rate by 304 percent?

This may not always work, but it serves as a reminder of the need for testing.

Colour and text are also important. Test with various pronouns, actions, words, and lengths.


The headlines on your landing pages will be different. These headlines will describe exactly what your visitors will find on the page.

Depending on your goals, the wording can also encourage individuals to do a specific action.

You’ll also want your headlines to be SEO-friendly. Obviously, a lot of brainstorming went into coming up with these words.

As a result, you must learn how to master headlines in order to generate clicks.

To do so successfully, you’ll need to do A/B tests to see which phrase generates the highest conversion rates. Take a look at this example Movexa website.

The two pages appear to be identical at first glance.

The headline is the only difference between the control and variation groups. As you can see, the difference is minor. They only changed one word.

After adding the word “supplement” to the headline on this landing page, Movexa saw an 89 percent boost in sales.

So don’t assume your headline is good until you experiment with numerous versions; you might be amazed by the results.


Some websites do not reveal their prices on their landing pages. Do you?

You may not believe this is required depending on the type of business you have, your branding strategy, and the industry you are in.

However, it’s possible that advertising your prices will boost conversions. Consider the following example

The addition of this price to this landing page resulted in 100 % in conversions.

You can perform more tests once you’ve added the pricing to ensure it’s optimized on the page. Change the font, color, size, and location to guarantee you’re receiving the most conversions possible.

Font Size

At 12Px, Verdana and Courier are the most readable, followed by Arial at 14 and Tahoma at 12. Take note of the click-through rates obtained by each font size, whichever you choose.

Which font should you use: sans vs serif? There are two types of typefaces. Serifs have a variety of accentuated widths and flourishes, whereas sans are plain and have a consistent width.

According to a study, serifs work best in print, but sans is more legible on the web. In another trial, one user increased downloads by 6.64 percent by switching to a lighter color (from black to orange).


Is your image visually appealing? Test with several types of photos to see what works best for your site. Is it images of items, people, or scenery that you’re looking for? Will you utilize sliders instead of still images or will you use graphics and images?

Background images & patterns

The background of your lander has a big influence on a reader’s subconscious psyche. Try out several alternatives, such as plain color, patterns, or graphics, and see what works best.


Unlike text-based content, video production may be costly and time-consuming. However, if it is regarded as appropriate for your firm, it is worth experimenting with because it may increase your earnings.

  • Autoplay or press play

Which functionality do you want to test while adding a video copy?

According to the guidelines, the majority of users prefer to press play. Autoplay videos are viewed as a nuisance, and many readers (like myself) couldn’t wait to get rid of them by clicking the back or close button. However, to ascertain the higher conversion rates, both features must be tested.

  • Adding CTA

It could be visible at all times, at key points throughout the film, or at the very conclusion.

What’s the difference between long and short? You can see if your video was presented in a commercial or in a more thorough format.

Use directing signals in the video to drive viewers to the conversion goal on your landing page. It can be done with either actual actions (such as a person pointing at a button) or succinct spoken instructions.

Which voiceovers, male or female, attract more viewers? Put it to the test.

Conversions can be improved by A/B testing the aspects stated above. Yes, continual modifications to your audio and video are required, but you can ease the strain by using tools like Wistia to track video interaction statistics.

As a result, there’s a chance that everything will work out in the end, as a study conducted by found that incorporating videos on landing pages increases conversions by 80%.

Log-in and Sign up buttons

Determine which step is more advantageous to your business: logging in, signing up, or doing both. Is it necessary for new users to register, or can they simply log in with an existing account? After you’ve figured it out, try switching the order and/or color of the buttons to see which gets the most response.

To get more submissions, format your contact form to reflect your goals and experiment with the number and type of fields.

According to a study, simply expressing the advantage in the header and button of the sign-up form can speed up a viewer’s decision-making process. The number of people who signed up for increased by 31.54 percent.

Navigation bar

Once you’ve figured out which pages of your website get the most traffic, try to improve it even more. Change the arrangement of your website’s navigation bar and see which one results in more clicks and customers. If you don’t want to switch completely. Change the terms in your navigation bar and see which ones perform best.

For example, CRO specialist Jeff Blatner discovered that the navigation bar’s name “why to use us” was not yielding the desired effects. During the two-week testing period, he changed “How it works” and witnessed a 47.7% increase in page views and an 8% rise in subscriptions.

Column and cluster split

Multiple-column homepages may appear appealing at first glance, but a study found that a single-column design earned 680.6 percent more orders and 606.7 percent more revenue per visit when compared to a two-column design.

You can also see which components of your product page lead you to lose conversions due to consumer anxiety, which is a psychological reaction to a factor in the sign-up or sales process. An e-book retailer’s experiment to see which strategy reduces anxiety discovered that providing a product description that helps buyers determine if the e-book is right for them did the trick. The relative conversion rate is increased by 78 percent.


Do you still have any doubts or questions?

Consider what you could lose if you don’t test your subscriber’s page. Check out how these simple tests improved our conversions and results for yourself. So go ahead and try it out for yourself. There are many additional sorts of tests that were not covered in this article. To find out which type of A/B testing practices are best for your organization, consult with a competent software app development company. Visit to learn more about Stellar Digital’s mobile app development, web design and development, and digital marketing services.