Which Is Better For Web Development: PHP Or Python?

For a development project, selecting the appropriate programming language is crucial. Python and PHP are the most popular backend programming languages nowadays. But which language, PHP or Python, is best for your project? What is the purpose of Python? When should you use PHP? Is PHP more efficient than Python?

Don’t worry, we’ve got all the answers—it’s Python vs. PHP showdown. We present all of the significant distinctions between the two languages in this post so that you may determine once and for all which language is superior. But first, let’s go through a quick overview of PHP and Python.

PHP Vs Python for web development

Before going deep into the details, let’s take a quick review of PHP and Python


It is also known as the Hypertext Preprocessor and is one of the earliest programming languages, having been created in 1994. This programming language is widely used around the world to create interactive websites. PHP is utilized by 78.9 % of all websites with a recognized server-side programming language, according to market reports. As a result, nearly 8 out of every 10 websites you visit on the internet use PHP in some form.


It’s a high-level programming language that’s object-oriented, general-purpose, and built for mobile and web app development. This programming language was introduced in 1989, but it gained popularity in 2000 with the release of Python 2.0. Software developers frequently use it as a support language to develop, control, manage, test, and do other tasks. In addition, Python 2.0’s Unicode compatibility makes it a popular choice in the web development business. As a result, it is the most popular programming language among both novice and professional programmers.

Python has grown in popularity to the point where many successful tech companies now use it as their backend development language. Spotify, Instagram, Netflix, Uber, Dropbox, Pinterest, Google, Reddit, and Lyft are some of the most well-known websites built with Python.

Now let’s get to the

Difference between PHP and Python

We compared these languages on various parameters to have a better grasp of which is better between PHP and Python. Let’s look at them


Python was thought to be the fastest programming language a few years ago, but PHP version 7 has entirely changed the picture. PHP is now three times faster than Python and other languages. PHP developers can now process large amounts of data in a single step at a high rate. The performance of PHP over Python is finally enhanced by its speed and scalability. In this case, PHP triumphs.

Library support

Python outperforms PHP in terms of library support, as it ships with a large number of libraries. Many firms are investing in machine learning web applications these days, and Python supports a variety of machine learning libraries, such as Sickit, Testflow, Learn, and others. In comparison to Python, PHP lacks library support.

As a result, when it comes to building ML-powered web applications, developers and businesses prefer Python.

Community support

Both languages are nearly equal in terms of community support. PHP has a large community because it is one of the oldest and most used server-side languages. PHP is used by almost 80% of websites, demonstrating the strength of the PHP community.

Despite the fact that Python is close to PHP, it rose to prominence when Google began to use it in its applications such as YouTube. Many other internet companies, such as Uber and Instagram, have since adopted this language for their backends.


Both languages are object-oriented, which means they are compatible with various operating systems. However, when it comes to ease of use, Python triumphs over PHP. PHP has a strict syntax, making it a complex and difficult language to grasp. Previous versions of PHP were fairly difficult to use.

Python, on the other hand, has a high readability rating, making it very easy to grasp. Python codes are simple to understand and decipher, which helps to ease the debugging process.


PHP includes a comprehensive documentation site that allows developers to leave comments on the documentation pages. These documents are produced in simple, elementary, and straightforward language that both new and experienced developers can understand. Furthermore, the additional concepts make these documents more trustworthy because they explain the concepts in a conversational tone. However, these comments can sometimes backfire, as you can see on documentation sites where old comments have risen to the top, causing confusion for any developer.

Python, on the other hand, has no such issues because it does not allow comments. Documents in Python are less conversational, which often makes them difficult to read and understand. PHP triumphs over Python in this area since its documentation is simple to comprehend for developers.


When it comes to debugging, Python and PHP are tied because both Python’s PDB (Python Debugger) and PHP’s XDebug provide powerful debugging features including path mapping, breakpoints, and stacks. These debuggers are simple to use; the only difference is how they are set up. In Python, you don’t need any setup; all you need is a “debug button” to inspect the Python programs.

You’ll also need to do some additional PHP setup work, which you can easily do. As a result, there are no clear victors when it comes to debugging, as both feature robust and great debuggers that keep your application safe and running smoothly.


Syntax-error-free programming is usually a key consideration for developers when selecting a language, and Python triumphs over PHP here. The reason for this is that Python makes it easy for developers to code without having to worry about any limitations that can cause the code to fail during the build. Python also has a high readability score, which helps developers debug their code.

PHP, on the other hand, has a complex syntax that places limitations on development. As a result, when it comes to programming with a simple syntax, developers prefer Python.


PHP has an advantage in rendering because of its large community and easy documentation. This server-side language employs a conclusive rendering approach that outperforms Python. Python, on the other hand, has difficulty rendering since it is not as plain and easy as PHP; as a result, PHP is ideal for rendering.


PHP and Python are each excellent in their own right. It’s not about PHP Vs Python, despite the fact that Python outperforms PHP in many areas. This doesn’t imply you have to neglect PHP both Python and PHP excellent programming languages for developing web apps.

Finally, when designing web apps, it is highly dependent on your project requirements as well as your PHP or Python abilities, experience, and expertise.

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