How To Hire Remote PHP Developers?

PHP has always been and continues to be the most logical and popular option for web development. PHP is one of the top 10 most used programming languages in the world, powering 79.1% of the world’s websites in 2021.

What makes PHP so Appealing when it comes to Creating Web Solutions?

It’s easy to learn, operates on practically any web server, has a plethora of frameworks, and has a sizable community.

Although many web developers feel that PHP is simple to learn, building robust and effective PHP web solutions may necessitate the assistance of a true professional. In this article, you’ll learn what a PHP programmer’s skill set entails and how to hire PHP programmers for your web app development.

What are the skills of a PHP developer?

Businesses who wish to hire PHP programmers but aren’t sure where to begin should first identify their candidates’ competency levels. These levels can be categorized into three groups:

  • Beginner

Beginners are just getting started with PHP development. They understand the fundamentals of programming and can create certain features. Beginners usually work well in groups because they can study while being supervised by more experienced colleagues.

For small and medium-sized projects, PHP developers with a beginner’s level of experience are ideal. They have a low rate of development and can be recruited to complete some huge tasks.

This starter skill set comprises the following items

    • PHP and HTML programming languages
    • Working with content management system (CMS)
    • Knowledge of one of the major PHP frameworks
    • Understanding of basic PHP functions and the MVC design pattern
  • Mid-level

They already have various development projects under their belts and are capable of producing high-quality web applications. These programmers are self-sufficient and can work on an app without monitoring.

The skill set of mid-level includes

    • Knowledge of more than one PHP framework, such as CodeIgniter, Laravel, or CakePHP;
    • Product requirements analysis; and Database execution.
    • Object-oriented programming (OOP) in PHP
    • Adding back-end capabilities for increased app performance
    • Code troubleshooting

For easier code refactoring and debugging, adhere to some development guidelines, such as Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY).

  • Experts

PHP professionals specialize in certain areas and work with the most up-to-date web development technology and practices. They have a good understanding of product requirements and can give suggestions on how to make them more effective and secure. They may also advise you on the features to include in your app and how to improve the source code.

Expert-level skills include

    • Knowledge of the most popular PHP frameworks
    • Advanced technical expertise, such as PHP for IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and other solutions

Ask technical questions to assess PHP Developer Capabilities.

  • How much PHP development experience do you have? What projects have you worked on?

→ These questions will assist you in determining a candidate’s job experience and skill level.

  • What were the most interesting projects, and why? When working on that project, what technologies did you have to use?

→ This will assist you in better understanding a software developer’s tech stack and identifying the most exciting areas of work for them.

  • What technologies and frameworks are you familiar with? Which of these do you utilize on a regular basis?

→ This type of question identifies the entire stack as well as all of a developer’s technical talents.

→ A proficient PHP developer, for example, should be conversant with popular frameworks like Yii, Laravel, and CodeIgniter, as well as object-oriented PHP programming, and code versioning tools like Git, Mercurial, and CVS, and databases like relational and NoSQL.

  • What was the most difficult development challenge you encountered in one of your projects? What method did you use to solve them?

→ These questions reveal a software developer’s plan of action in the event of adversity.

  • What was the most innovative solution you’ve implemented in the past?

→ This question demonstrates the versatility of a PHP developer’s job. The more technologies they combine, the more unusual and modern a product might be.


Businesses must consider numerous criteria when hiring PHP web developers in order to stay within their project budgets and create successful and secure apps. These considerations include PHP developers’ skill sets, whether they use freelancers, in-house teams, or full-time PHP developers, whether they use outsourcing businesses, and so on.

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