How To Make Great Product Videos That Sell?

According to a study by wyzowl 88% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

These figures merely confirm what many of us already know: as a brand, you can’t afford to be without great product marketing videos.

But what constitutes a successful product video, and how do you go about making one?

A strong product video both informs and motivates viewers to act, i.e. buy what you’re selling. However, while product videos appear to be simple, they can be time-consuming and confusing.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of critical techniques for creating amazing product videos that sell. Let’s get right to it.

Tips to Make Great Product Videos That Sell

  • Context is the key

It is not enough to simply display or showcase your product; you must also demonstrate how it fits into the larger picture of your clients’ lives. Set a goal for your product video to address these questions.

    • Will this product make them happier in general?
    • What problem does your product solve?
    • How does it improve the lives of your customers?
    • Does it motivate the customer to do more?
  • Show and tell

People often believe that a successful product trailer must be artistic or fancy, but this isn’t true if your viewers don’t understand what you’re offering at the end. They are unlikely to be enthusiastic enough to become clients.

Assume you’re in first grade, and you’re conducting “show and tell” — show off your product and explain it to your customers. It’s that simple.

  • Share your story

When your audience watches a product video, a sizeable proportion of them wants to meet the people behind the product and the people who use it. As a result, don’t limit yourself to a product’s technical specifications.

Additional tip: Include specifications in your listing’s product description, wherever it may be, or include a brief pop-up text video with all the facts to keep your viewers’ interest.

Specs are useful, but they are not everything. Today’s consumers are extremely tech-savvy and prefer brands with a goal over those with a merely flashy product.

A thorough dive by BBMG and Globe revealed something interesting about GEN Z: they are three times more likely to believe that the aim of business is to assist communities and society.

These aren’t the days of consumption for the sake of consumerism, so utilize your product video or demo to explain why your company exists. Respond to the following tough questions

    • Are you interested in collaborating with social justice initiatives?
    • Have a sustainable practice in place, such as eliminating single-use plastics or being carbon neutral?
    • Use your social media tools to raise awareness about social concerns among your followers?
    • Donate a portion of your profits to community organizations?

To put it another way, caring is cool.

Use a current customer as your hype guy for testimonials. This may be a single frame of rave quotes in your product video, or a talking head interview on how your product or service altered the game.

  • Customizing Your Product Video

In the context of product films, the expression “first impression is last impression” holds a lot of weight. Because your product video serves as an advertisement, the initial impression of your product or service is crucial.

It means that shaky footage or imprecise photography can (and probably will) result in a drop in product sales.

You want to be proud of the final cut because it may be used as a Facebook ad or linked to your eCommerce website. With video editing tools, you may completely personalize your product video to your preferences.

  • Serving your target audience

When brands go on tour, they usually announce the name of the city they’ll be visiting. We recommend symbolically or literally doing the same thing in your product video.

You should design your product video to be very relevant to your potential prospect, whether you’re targeting a specific demographic or regional audience.

What should you include in the product video?

  • A selection of product photographs, ideally a 360-degree view of your items
  • CTA- Call-to-action to your website, follow your business on social media, etc., so your audience/viewers are aware of how massive, heavy, or feather-light your product is.
  • Use social proof such as reviews and testimonials to show how your product or service is superior to the competitors.
  • Your distinct personality and point of view.

What should be the length of a product video?

  • A quick demo should last anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute.
  • Explainer video (from 30 to 90 seconds) (based on how complex your offerings are)
  • Quick tutorial- It’s best if you’re distributing on a short-form social media platform like Instagram.
  • Detailed tutorial- You might be a YouTuber filming a “Get Ready With Me” video or a real estate agent teaching the clever tactics of the trade. Long-form content (ranging from 7 to 15 minutes) is acceptable on platforms like YouTube.


You may make product videos that sell by following the above-mentioned guidelines. However, for a more beneficial result, it is recommended that you seek the help of a competent digital marketing agency or company. Stellar Digital has a pool of experienced and skilled digital marketers who can assist you with your project. Visit to learn more about our video marketing and social media marketing services.