Instagram Stories Under 60 Seconds No Longer Be Split Into Clips

Instagram has announced that its 60-second stories videos would no longer be broken up into 15-second chunks as part of its steady plan to combine all of its video products into one.

The introduction of a longer stories style on Instagram has been announced by Meta. Currently, 15-second clips are created from user-uploaded stories that are less than 60 seconds long.

In an email to TechCrunch, a representative for meta confirmed the rumors, saying, “Now you will be able to play and create stories continuously for up to 60 seconds, rather than being automatically cut into 15-second clips.

For Instagram users, especially those who frequently share longer video stories, this will be a huge relief. Their stories are condensed into 15-second snippets. Users will be able to post continuous stories going forward that won’t be divided. Additionally, users don’t have to tap nonstop to watch a lengthy video. It is a lengthy and tedious process.

Instagram is working on this functionality, according to a tweet by Matt Navarra on Twitter.

In order to confirm that Instagram will soon roll out this functionality, he posted a screenshot to his account. Instagram has confirmed that films under 60 seconds won’t be broken into halves, the user wrote on Twitter.

Instagram has previously increased the duration limit of its video offerings. The Instagram Reels’ duration was been extended by up to 90 seconds by the firm. The previous time frame was 60 seconds.

Another noteworthy change in the area of the video is the automated sharing of posts with videos that are under 15 minutes long as reels.


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