5-point Website Redesign SEO Checklist

My website is awful. What shall I do?

You are not the only one you have ever said this. Most website owners have given it some thought. And it’s very reasonable to not like your company website.

Your website needs an update from time to time.

Website owners are more than likely to break out in a cold sweat just hearing the words “website revamp.”

Many people give the idea second thought because of the enormous amount of work needed to perform a complete website overhaul.

The entire procedure will go smoothly with the aid of the appropriate website redesign checklist.

Our website redesign checklist is for you if you’re serious about scrapping your present website and starting over!

  • Website audit

It’s critical to comprehend your website’s current situation before planning to redesign it. It will also give you a thorough overview of your site assets. Additionally, it can assist you in determining what is and is not effective for your company. The best place to start the website audit is with your sitemap. Analyze the traffic that visits your website as well.

Always go over the content, blogs, and other collateral that is provided to you. Verify that the content more directly addresses the audience than it does the company’s role as the problem solver. It becomes necessary to update the content if you aren’t managing the audience.

  • Addition of CTA (call to action) in the header section

It is crucial to have a call to action in your header area if you are revamping your website.

“Call to action” refers to any action you want website visitors to take, such as entering your contact information (email, phone, or subscription).

Incorporating social sharing alternatives, such as adding links to a Facebook profile, Twitter account, and Instagram account to improve SEO, can also be a helpful call to action.

  • Clear301 Redirection

A 301 signifies a permanent redirect from one URL to another, directing all visitors who request the old URL to the new URL automatically. And is most frequently used after a page has been permanently transferred to another website or deleted.

From the perspective of SEO, it is the first thing to take into account.

You may be concerned about the website visitors who will access your website via already established, high-quality backlinks on a variety of platforms.

A proper 301 redirection on each page of your website will guarantee your continued ranking in SERPs.

  • 404 error page setup

From the perspective of SEO, there is another important issue to consider. Before uploading the updated website, don’t forget to put up a functional 404 page.

Because all current users will access your website through the pages that have to be either removed or deleted.

  • Integration of SEO elements in Redesigned website

In the rebuilt version of the website, the Meta tags information must be precisely restored on all pages in order to take advantage of SEO ranking advantages in SERPs.

The same meta title, description, and header tags, for instance, should be used.

All external links must contain the Nofollow attribute.

To preserve “image SEO,” all of the photos’ names must match the current.

Do not modify the names of inner files and folders unless absolutely required.

Introduce the numerous social media accounts you have.

  • Perform website speed testing

The majority of site designers overdo it on the fancy elements. As a result, you wind up with a stunning, maybe unique website that also has a lot of JavaScript and CSS, large graphics that take forever to load, and a lot of pointless animations.

Here’s the thing

A website redesign should be a calculated decision. The removal of large design elements can significantly reduce the load time of your website.

Above all else, having a website that loads quickly is crucial. If not, all that is left is a stunning sight that nobody gets to view because they all leave it after a few seconds.

As a result, you should speed-test your new design at every stage and make as many optimizations as you can.


This checklist is a terrific approach for all of you self-marketers to get organized and crystal clear on your mission. Your website redesign process will be stress-free if you consider the aforementioned factors.

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