What are Hashtags on Social Media?

Ever looked at a certain post and wondered about the hashtags they are tagged under? These hashtags do leave one curious, indeed. Allow me to tell you that these hashtags happen to carry a great significance and hold the potential to help your post stand out.

How? Here’s how it goes…

You’ve all seen the omnipresent hashtag sign (#) in front of social media posts, but do you truly understand what that symbol means—or understand what sort of relevance does it happen to carry currently?

We’re existing in a time where we can’t even recall a certain social media post that doesn’t include a hashtag. That’s how popular they are! Although hashtags were originally used on Twitter in 2007, they quickly became a social media sensation, with hashtags being implemented into nearly every platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others.

So, let’s answer the most important question of all

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a label used on social networking platforms to help people identify posts or material that has a certain theme or has specified content. It is made by placing the symbol “#” in front of a word or words that do not contain any spaces.

Plus, here are some hashtag facts you must keep in mind

  • A hashtag is a label that is used on social networking platforms to make it simpler to locate material with a given subject or substance.
  • Hashtags encourage social media users to look into the information that arises from their interest.
  • Businesses can utilize hashtags to reach their intended audience and to assist members in filtering information.

Moving on, let us elaborate on the importance that hashtags carry

The Importance of Hashtags

Social media posts get a certain context

You don’t have a lot of room to make a caption on Twitter. You have a total of 280 characters. Longer captions on Instagram aren’t necessarily the most effective. The same can be said for Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and any other platform—sometimes less is more.

Using a hashtag is an easy method to contextualize what you’re saying without taking up valuable character space or writing redundant captions.

Hashtags your target audience reach you

Users may follow hashtags as well as other users on LinkedIn and Instagram. Another technique to help new consumers locate your business is to include a few famous hashtags. If you include the hashtag #nature in your Instagram posts, anybody who follows that hashtag will see your most recent post in their feed. You may earn some new followers as a result of this.

Hashtags provide an insight into the competition around

Competition research should always be an element of your company plan. After all, you need to understand your rivals’ strengths and shortcomings in order to stay one step ahead of them. Hashtags enable you to do precisely that. You may uncover your rivals’ accounts, top posts and most used hashtags by searching a few keywords related to your niche.

With all of this data, you can assess the audience’s reaction to your rivals’ postings, allowing you to determine what will and will not work in your social media plan.

Hashtags provide an idea of the kind of audience you’re attracting

Hashtags, like competition, provide insights into your target audience by letting you observe what sort of content people share. Furthermore, because hashtags are so frequently used across numerous social media platforms, you can monitor how your target demographic interacts across different networks.

This is significant because what works for you on Instagram may not work as well on Twitter. Different individuals use different platforms, and it is critical to change your material based on how consumers act.

Hashtags are responsible for better engagement

By including hashtags in your postings, you are participating in a discourse that is going place on that social media network. Above all, it makes your posts visible in that conversation. This can result in more interaction, which can promote your brand’s social media involvement through likes, shares, comments and new followers.

Hashtags provide an idea of the kind of posts you put up on social media

Social networking platforms are crowded places. It’s difficult to get people to read or look at your content in-depth. Users often check their feeds, looking for posts that are the most relevant ones for them at the moment. Using the appropriate hashtags can assist users in immediately understanding what your article is about. If an appropriate hashtag is added to the very post, then it gets easy to categorize and fetched.

Having understood the importance of hashtags, here are a few ways that may help you use them in a more appropriate manner

Ways You Can Use Hashtags

  • Use popular hashtags that are available on the ‘Trending Now’ or ‘Explore’ pages.
  • Only use up to 5 relevant hashtags on your primary social media profiles.
  • Your brand should utilize a combination of custom hashtags and popular hashtags.
  • Keep hashtags short and simple and at times, quirky.
  • Make sure the hashtags you use aren’t offensive or spread hatred.

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As a result, we know that hashtags are a significant, if not the most potent, tool that any company can employ to increase its social media reach. Engagement is the main statistic for any successful marketing campaign, so if a firm utilizes the correct hashtags and communicates with its customers online, success is certain.