What Are The Best Agile Project Management Tools With Their Features?

Did you work in a fast-paced workplace where everyone was juggling multiple tasks at once? You might be considering implementing an agile project management approach in order to maintain the equilibrium of your readiness.

If you’re a project manager, you’ll eventually be able to tell if your team needs certain tools to complement how they work. Agile project management tools allow teams to complete projects on schedule without sacrificing the project’s quality.

Let’s first define the agile methodology before providing a list of the best agile project management tools.

What is Agile?

If you take the word “agile” in its literal sense, it implies “able to move fast and readily.” When we discuss agile in terms of project management or software development, the same notion applies.

Agile is a project management methodology that is mostly utilised in the software development industry. It is defined as separating a large task into numerous smaller tasks and attaching those tasks with brief and incremental work intervals known as sprints.

This method’s primary goals include early and prompt delivery, frequent evaluation and adaptive planning, ongoing improvement, and adaptability to change.

Now you have got the basic idea of agile to then let’s get into the

Best Agile Project Management Tools

  • Monday.com

With features like reporting, a calendar, time-tracking, planning, etc., this application will assist you with project management. It is appropriate for all sizes of businesses.

Essential characteristics

    • Kanban, a timetable, or charts can all be used to monitor project progress.
    • It provides features for sprint planning, writing user stories, and allocating to team members.
    • Reporting
  • Click-up

A team can get together with the help of this cloud-based project management platform to plan and work together on a project. As a result, you can quickly structure projects and keep tabs on their progress and objectives throughout.

In reality, controlling your workflow is made simpler by features like calendar view, Gantt charts, and lists. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, you can also modify plans, give tasks, create charts, exchange attachments, and more with your team in real-time.

Click-up can help keep your team in sync with every feature imaginable, whether mind maps, checklists, task dependencies, or templates. It lets you quickly turn ideas into actions by providing the best visual blueprint for project planning.

Essential features

    • Customized workflow with statuses
    • Manages processes with templates
    • Agile board view
    • Manages sprints and automatically moves tasks
    • Can create wikis and docs
    • Scrum points
    • Workload charts
    • Create recurring checklists
    • Multiple assignees
  • Wrike

Wrike is an online, real-time, agile project management tool that improves team collaboration. Users are able to provide outcomes promptly thanks to its responsibility and simplicity.

Key characteristics

    • It is primarily used in medium- and large-scale projects.
    • Wrike integrates with all platforms, including Android and iPhone, so users can stay updated on active and finished projects.
    • Little businesses and projects cannot afford it.
  • Smartsheet

It is a project management collaboration tool.

It is a working environment that gives commercial transactions outstanding speed. Process alignment and execution will result in better, quicker, and less expensive onboarding.

Key characteristics

    • Give your team and project management access to security, user management, and single sign-on features.
    • Smartsheet enables automating icons with straightforward rules.
    • aids in streamlining planning and budgeting
  • Asana

It is an agile project management tool that assists with work assignments, process automation, and collaboration. To help you streamline projects, it provides a variety of custom templates, integrations, milestone tracking, task dependencies, etc. You can choose how you want to view the projects.

Key characteristics

    • simple cards, lists, and Kanban boards
    • Simple to use interface
    • Sync functionality across all devices
    • Automating processes with butter
  • Jira

It is a defect tracking tool that is used for both project management and agile testing. This tool is integrated with a code development environment in addition to being used for recording and reporting.

Essential features

    • With only one click, fast filters may be created using the JIRA query language.
    • This agile tool will help your team work more precisely and effectively.
    • The reporting feature gives the team important insight into their agile process.
    • A robust reporting system provides your team with crucial information about their agile process.
    • In order to build, test, and distribute software, it is possible to create customised processes of any scale.

Other noteworthy tools include Trello, kiss flow, pivotal tracker, etc.


There are many agile project management tools available because agile is one of the most popular and extensively used project management and software development approaches today. I would advise you to test the tools out once, investigate their features, and then pick the one that best suits your needs.

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