6 Must-Have Features For Fitness Apps

According to a recent report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global mHealth apps market is estimated to reach USD 105.9 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 11.8 percent over the forecast period.

If you’re thinking about taking your fitness services online, now is the best moment to do so. Let’s, learn about the many sorts of fitness apps and all of the features that your company app needs.

The Demanding Features Fitness App Must Have

  • Wearable device integration

Users can stay connected to various external gadgets by incorporating wearable devices into the fitness app. Users can keep track of their activities and workout routines. They can also analyze their workout statistics by week, month, or year to meet their fitness goals.

Your app can connect to as many trackers as you like, which may be limited if you don’t include wearables. For capacity, you could use Apple’s Healthkit or Google Fit, and to link devices to your app, you could use the API of a specific wearable manufacturer.

  • Gamification

Why not incorporate gamification into your fitness app? With the concept of gamification, you can easily add amusing elements to your app processing, making it more user-friendly and engaging.

Users of fitness apps are more likely to engage if you establish a virtual competition among them. It’s a win-win situation for both the app developer and the end-user. Users’ fitness and health awareness improve as they spend more time on the app. Some fitness applications even go so far as to give actual rewards such as shopping vouchers and coupons.

  • Push notifications

Push notifications represent the motivation that consumers require to achieve their objectives. Consistency is key in fitness; thus time and frequency are the most important factors to consider.

A few missed workouts or meal skips in a diet plan can cause a person to fail to meet their fitness goals. A hectic schedule, ups and downs, terrible weather, and a bad mood, among other things, all be used as excuses for skipping workouts or abandoning a diet plan.

Fitness apps need notifications because they might motivate users to burn calories or consume a meal at a specified time.

Users can set up workout or diet reminders, and the push notification will eventually notify them on time. Users can be encouraged to exercise on a regular basis by receiving inspirational quotes via push notification.

  • Geo-location and GPS capabilities

Allow users to track their whereabouts in real-time when walking, running, cycling, and other activities. Users can also log their workout routes and determine correct distances using location-based capabilities. With people’s increasing desire to share their fitness accomplishments on social media, location-based capabilities are more crucial than ever. Location is essential whether you’re developing a mobile fitness app or IoT healthcare solutions.

  • Social sharing

It’s difficult to imagine a fitness app without social connectivity in this day and age. People love to discuss their accomplishments; thus fitness monitoring apps take benefit of these human nature tendencies. Users will spend more time on the app if they can share, speak with friends, and communicate with others, which will improve the app’s KPIs.

For example, the Nike Run Club app allows users to share their results across multiple social networking channels.

  • Goals and tracker

It is a must-have feature that is highly suggested for start-ups looking to create an app that helps customers track their workouts. An application that highlights users’ goals has a competitive edge since it motivates them to strive for greater success. The above component enables users to compare their actual performance to their goals in order to assess the viability of their plan.

Users can use this function to see how many steps they took in a day and how many calories they burnt while walking, jogging, or cycling. They can also keep track of their sleep, food, and water intake. As a result, by incorporating this feature into your fitness app, you may set it apart from the competitors.


Some of the most important aspects of a fitness app include the ones listed above. There are numerous other features, but we’ve focused on the most important. If you’re thinking about creating a fitness app, come to Stellar Digital, where we have a proven track record as a fitness app development company. Stellar Digital has a large team of highly skilled and experienced developers eager to help you with your project.