What Is ChatGPT And How It Affects SEO?

ChatGPT has come like a storm and disrupted the SEO landscape. Whatever social media platform you are on, over the past few days.

You have either heard or talked or discussed about ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?

How is it going to affect SEO or content writing?

In this blog, we are going to analyze this, so without further delay, let’s start.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is fully described as Conversation Graph Technology, an open-source language processing model that allows users to build conversations with computers. It is trained on a vast dataset of human-generated text and is capable of giving human-like responses to a diverse range of prompts. It can be utilized for various tasks like language translation, conversation simulation and text completion.

ChatGPT has an easy-to-use interface, embedded with an empty dialogue to type in a prompt. The tool can carry out a diverse range of tasks and provide text in response. Here are some types of tasks that ChatGPT might implement like:

  • Giving answers to the questions.
  • Writing content for ads, paragraphs, emails, blog posts or even college reports.
  • code creation, code commenting, and code marking
  • providing you with the means to format a block of text.

How does ChatGPT functions?

It’s a portion of the GPT (Generative Pre-Training and Transformer) language model that was created primarily to produce conversational, human-like text.

Initially, the GPT model was made to carry out language generation tasks such as question answering, machine translation and summarization. Whereas the ChatGPT variant has been made to generate text-appropriate responses for utilization in chatbot conversations as well as in other dialogue interactive systems.

Its functioning is like whenever the user asks a question, ChatGPT analyzes the training data and comes up with the most appropriate response. For the purpose of understanding the patterns and styles of human interaction, a sizable amount of conversational data, such as chatlogs and forums, has been used to train the system.

The impact of ChatGPT on SEO

By combining ChatGPT with SEO workflows and outputs can both do wonders and disasters. On one hand, it has the capability to automate and enhance the efficiency of various data-heavy, time-consuming tasks.

But the problem is, on a large scale, if SEO start synchronizing with the power of ChatGPT the unique value from the content will fade away and Google might also start heavily penalizing AI-generated content.

Based on the language models found online ChatGPT generate answers but that creates problematic model outputs- primarily in the form of incorrect answers.

Therefore, at a large scale, ChatGPT must gather user feedback before it can come up with the right answer.

Since the vast majority of answers come from human-made data available online. The chatbot learning model is prone to giving misinformation or unsatisfactory answers, particularly in the form of racism, biases and unsafe content.

Due to this reason, back in 2016, Microsoft has to take back its AI chatbot offline, and Facebook as well launched a chatbot but after reviewing user feedback and giving racist answers, they have quickly taken it down.


John Mueller in April 2022 when asked about how Google treat AI-generated content made clear. Content generated by any sort of AI tool will be considered against the webmaster guidelines. It will be treated as spam.

So, this tool is quite helpful but when it comes to creating high-quality content you still need to rely upon human writers.

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