What Is Meta Business Suite And What Are Its Features?

Businesses spend almost 115 billion dollars on advertising on Meta (previously Facebook) platforms. Why? It works, and on top of that, Meta includes excellent tools for managing and tracking your business finances.

  • Do you find it difficult to stay on top of your Instagram and Facebook marketing?
  • Are your DMs and comments getting lost in the shuffle?
  • Are you getting frustrated with the various tabs for all of your accounts and tools like the Ad manager?

Then you’ll fall in love with the Meta Business Suite, which was previously known as the Facebook business suite before Facebook changed its name to Meta.

It’s the platform’s most recent innovation, aimed to eliminate time-consuming roadblocks in social media management and make it easier for businesses to manage their Instagram and Facebook profiles.

In this article, we’ll break down Meta Business Suite and attempt to comprehend it.

What is Meta Business Suite?

Meta Business Suite allows you to manage all of your Facebook and Instagram profiles in one location. It offers a number of free tools that make managing your online presence easier. Meta Business Suite can help you reach out to more people and keep current while centralizing your business management.

  • View your business at a glance

You may see an overview of your Facebook Page and Instagram account on your home screen. You’ll see posts, ads, and insights, as well as updates. You may also make a post or promote your business from here.

  • View Activity

You will see new notifications for your Facebook page and Instagram account.

  • User inbox

You can read new messages and comments from your Facebook page, Messenger and Instagram accounts. You can also create an automatic response to save time when replying to frequently asked questions by people.

  • Create Posts and Stories

For your Facebook Page and Instagram account, you can publish or schedule fresh posts and stories.

  • Access commerce manager

If your business account has a commerce account, you can access it from the Meta Business Suite desktop. If you don’t already have one, you can create a new commerce account for your business.

  • Create ads

Create new ads and post them on Facebook and Instagram, as well as boost your posts and promote your page.

  • View insights

You can see information about your company’s success, such as trends, activity on the content you share, and more about your target audience.

  • Access more tools

Other Facebook tools and settings for managing your business presence can be found in the More tools section of the Meta Business Suite desktop. This contains additional tools such as ad manager, business settings, and page settings. From here, you may also access your Facebook Page.

  • Manage branded content permissions

You can add and manage account-level creator permissions for organic branded content and branded content ads.

Powerful features of the meta business suite

  • To-Do list

The To-Do list in Business Suite can be found at the top of the Home tab, and it will help you focus on the tasks that are most important to your company.

    • Add a new task to your daily plan.
    • Use the down arrow to enter the task information.
    • You can include additional information to guide your partners.
    • After you hit the Save Task button, the task will be saved for you and your co-workers who work on the Business Suite pages.
    • Anyone who finishes it can mark it as completed.
  • High priority notifications

It’s essential to differentiate the signal from the noise if your Facebook Page or Instagram account receives a lot of notifications. You may get more value out of your brand’s social media engagement by focusing on the most important interactions (like comments and messages).

Notifications in Business Suite are automatically prioritized. When you open the notifications page, you’ll notice that high-priority engagement is at the top of the list. That way, you’ll be able to quickly see and respond to comments, mentions, direct messages (DMs), and shares. All other notifications, including reactions and likes that don’t require a response, are listed here.

Although prioritized notifications are useful in theory, they should be regarded with caution. Some of the high-priority notifications may include messengers or shares that you have already reacted to, but Business Suite does provide an option for checking them off the list.

  • Inbox automation

Business Suite unites all of your Facebook and Instagram messages into a single inbox, allowing you to effectively manage the commitment. With the Inbox tab, you can either keep an eye on everything at once or go through each type of engagement one by one.

If you receive a large number of comments and emails, you can use Business Suite’s automation to streamline your workflow. To create these helpful workflows, go to the upper right and click the Automated Responses button.

Here is a list of options that you can take benefit of

  • Immediate response

Respond with curiosity to someone who is messaging your brand page for the first time.

  • Availability

Let individuals realize when you will be back and how to get assistance meanwhile.

  • Regular issues

Create up to four FAQs that people can use to request a robot and receive a response.

  • Comment the message

Set up four of the most commonly used keywords for people to write in comments to receive a preset robot automated message from you.

  • Optimal publishing times

Posting Facebook and Instagram content at the right time is critical if you want to increase reach and engagement. However, in the past, the only method to know when to post was to check Facebook and Instagram insights to see when your audience was online. 

Business Suite gives automated recommendations for when to publish content to increase your chances of posting at the right time. Click the optimum Times button in the post-creation tool to get this information. Then choose one of the recommended times or type in a new time manually. To publish it automatically, click the schedule post option.

  • A/B tests

To meet your marketing objectives, you must first understand what you need to do to gain more attention from your audience. There are several creative ways to convey your message. So, if you’re a newbie, you’ll probably have no idea what’s good for your audience. You can generate four different versions of a single post using Business Suite’s A/B Test feature to evaluate which one works best.

    • Select A/B testing from the post and stories menu,
    • Then click Create A/B test.
    • Create the first variation of the post, including the subtitle, connect, and hashtags.
    • Then, in the lower part of the post creation, tap the create A/B test button.
    • Make a second variant of the post by changing your message or highlighting your posts.
    • Select from up to four complete versions by clicking the Add New Version button.
    • Then choose whether to publish your test right immediately or schedule it for later.

Meta will perform the test for 30 minutes, distributing different parts of the post to different groups so that followers can understand the audience. After 30 minutes, the meta business suite will automatically determine which partitioned post generated the greatest engagement and publish it to your page with the most views. You can also experiment with other call-to-action ideas (CTAs).


We have simply highlighted the most commonly utilized elements of the meta business suite; there are many more that you should learn about to benefit your business.

However, if you still have concerns about the Meta Business Suite, contact Stellar Digital, a competent digital marketing agency. Our team is available to assist you with your project at any time.