What Is The New Microsoft Feature Lets You Run ads On Google, Facebook, Instagram?

Have you heard about the most recent Microsoft update that will benefit advertisers?

Yes, Microsoft did introduce a multi-platform, all-in-one functionality that is available in smart campaigns that allow you to run advertisements across Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Instagram using the Microsoft interface.

The company’s smart campaign includes this new all-inclusive advantage. It lets ads run via the Microsoft interface and onto multiple apps. You can still join by signing up on the waiting list even though it hasn’t yet been made available to all advertisers.

We do know, however, that the company has introduced a new and enhanced smart campaign experience.

A small number of experts believe that AI technology has been used to remodel the features. However, the simplicity of a single location eventually gives you the chance to increase your reach. It is the location where popular ad campaigns may be worked on, managed, and even reported on.

Furthermore, if you are having trouble with your budget, Microsoft has offered an AI tool that will help you optimize it so that it is best suitable for high performance. Another significant advantage highlighted by the company is how the new function can assist in generating traffic for any of your naturally growing social media profiles and websites.

In an open blog post, Microsoft discussed the feature that makes it simpler than ever to create websites from scratch or through a business profile on the Facebook app. With just one interface, their technologies are also capable of scheduling your postings and providing feedback to users on apps like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Surprisingly, the best aspect has to do with the free tools that are provided. Yes, you will only be charged for the ads you purchase. Microsoft has also listed a number of other capabilities that are available in addition to this. It entails running social ads for applications like Facebook and even Instagram, as well as search ads on pages from Google and Microsoft.

Through related social media apps, you will have the chance to communicate with others and publish content. Similar to that, it will enable customers to compile original reports and launch campaigns at the same time.

Additionally, the use of AI technologies for content optimization and applying various forms of AI to manage campaigns received special recognition. Even better, you may create ads using the company’s audience network and relevant web searches for particular keywords.

But taken as a whole, this choice is unquestionably exciting and enticing. However, since it is still being evaluated and is not yet widely used, you will need to wait a bit longer. Who wouldn’t adore being able to control all of the social campaign’s advertising from a single dashboard?

There are several issues surrounding Microsoft for which there are no clear answers.

How, for instance, does the business’ AI manage and even optimize the various kinds of auctions that are visible across Google? Will the company use Facebook audiences or will they create their own audience? Will the advertisements similarly be directed toward Facebook users?

As you can notice, a little more clarity is required. And we hope Microsoft clears it up soon because this is definitely convenience at its finest.

What else Multiplatform can do?

The Multi-platform capability in Microsoft is free when you set up a smart campaign. It allows you to

  • Run search advertising on Google and Microsoft
  • Run social media advertisements on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Post content, like comments, and respond to them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Compile and evaluate reports
  • Create campaigns
  • Create AI content automatically.
  • Improve ROI with AI.
  • Utilize AI to handle campaigns.
  • Ads should be connected to relevant online features or keywords.
  • Make use of the Microsoft Audience Network.


This change ought to usher in a new era of marketing and increase the appeal of any business. When it is released, the currently under testing should have a good effect on the community. It is incredibly straightforward to manage well-established platforms on a Universal platform like Microsoft, which will streamline any marketing approach.

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