What Is Visual Hierarchy – Learn Everything About It.

While surfing on the web have you seen a webpage that was so full of several design elements that you don’t have any idea where to look at first?

Suppose if you are not able to find a focus on screen this indicates that layout clearly missing a visual hierarchy.

What is Visual Hierarchy?

It refers to the process of organizing graphic elements by the order of importance. With the utilization of principles like scale, contrast, balance etc. designers manipulate user perceptions and help them to take desired actions.

Major principles of Visual Hierarchy

  • Size affects visibility

As a viewer what size of text you grasp first; smaller or bigger, of course bigger. Size is the basic but crucial principle, as it draw in the viewers’ attention towards a specific area. You can immediately seek visitor’s attention by maximizing the scale of an element. But you have to be careful of not increasing the size too much that can make other elements on the screen dull.

  • Colour and contrast catches attention

Similar to size bright colours rapidly seeks a attention compared to duller ones. For an instance if a single text in the block highlighted with a bright colour it generally attracts better attention.

The colours with the high contrast most likely going to appear heavy and closer to the viewer offering them greater sense of importance.

For seeking attention, you can utilize one bright colour as a focal point, irrespective of where you place that element in the sequence of your design.

  • Focus on reading patterns

During designing think of your target audience natural eye patterns. All over the world the traditional format is reading left to right or top-to-bottom. Whereas there are some semantic Indo-Aryan languages like Urdu, Hebrew, Arabic etc which reads right-to-left.

As a designer you should never forget this because it impacts how we understand designs. By understanding this as a designer at least for landing pages you can develop designs that converts.

  • Playing with perspective

The interfaces of most of the websites and apps are tend to be two-dimensional that can make it appear flat. By playing with perspective designer can build an illusion of depth, distance etc. Just like in real world we often come across illusion where we perceive larger objects being closer in comparison to similar objects.

Due to which they tend to command attention prior to any other object on a page. Designer can create wide variety of illusions by adding blur, drop shadows and other designing elements.

  • Effective use of whitespace

The empty space within a design called a whitespace. This is a common mistake attempted by designers, at times designer try to completely fill the whitespace with as many design elements. This is called overfilling, which will make fantastic design looked cluttered.


Visual hierarchy is like a guiding force that helps you make impactful designs the more you understand it the more fluid designs you will able to create. If you are searching for professional graphic design services then the Stellar Digital the best graphic design company in Gurgaon can help you out with your project. Simply shoot us at contact@stellardigital.in