Which Is A Better Option WordPress or Custom Website Development?

Among WordPress or a custom website do you know is the best option for you?

When you finally made a choice, it is now time to expand your company.

When developing a new website, planning and decision-making must be done with utmost care. Making the choice between using a pre-built platform like WordPress or developing a custom website for your business is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make.

Many businesses have given WordPress a try because it enables them to create a new website without hiring a best web development company or designer.

The key question is: Was that the best decision you could have made?

The advantages and disadvantages of WordPress sites and bespoke websites will be discussed in this blog.

Let’s begin,

What is Custom Web Design?

It is built when the owner of the website requests particular modifications that WordPress is unable to provide. Custom websites are more often than not created for extremely complicated sites with special features. You need to hire web designers from a top web development company that has experience in creating custom website. If you are looking for right partner then Stellar Digital, a best web development company could be the right. We have the experienced team of developers and designers that specialize in building customer websites and uses primary languages like Python, PHP, etc.


  • Greater control

Having a website that is totally customised to your needs gives you complete control over its structure and all of its functionalities. Custom websites, unlike WordPress, don’t use any third-party elements like modules or plugins. The majority of the components will be written in code from scratch, and the lines of code acquired from other sources will be seamlessly integrated into the website.

  • Eye-catchy design

Owners of custom websites have more creative freedom over how they function and appear. A customised website can be built to the exact specifications of the client, making it really original and distinctive.

This degree of adaptability and independence makes it perfect for companies who wish to present their products in a distinctive way.

  • Enhanced security

Personalized websites are designed as a closed source of network, in contrast to WordPress which is an open source platform. This means that because your website is not connected to any other platforms, it is less vulnerable to security issues.

Since your website is being built from the ground up, your website developer will be able to implement cutting-edge security features as well. Furthermore, if security is your main priority, a custom-built website is the ideal solution.


  • Expensive to build

Custom-built websites are more expensive than WordPress sites. In the vast majority of circumstances, you will need to hire a freelance web designer or a top web development company.

Due to the custom web design which also includes cost of domain registration and hosting the overall cost of website design and development will increase.

  • Not easy to maintain or modify alone

Your website will need to be maintained once it has been established and is functioning properly. Compared to WordPress sites, which allow for simple customization and upkeep, those that are custom-built require professional assistance. Custom-built websites are generally more complex than WordPress ones. This means that only someone with the necessary technical know-how can fix them if something goes wrong.

What is WordPress?

It is a free website building tool that was initially created to create blogs. The tool has developed over the years into a more sophisticated platform for creating webpages. The fact that it only necessitates a fundamental understanding of the web is one of the primary reasons why people use this platform to create their websites. To develop a website, you don’t need to be an expert in coding, programming, or having a relationship with a top web development company.

Now let’s take a glance at some pros and cons of WordPress


  • Highly affordable

The fact that WordPress is an open-source framework also implies that it is totally free. People who are on a tight budget may find this to be quite helpful.

  • Great scaling

From a financial standpoint, WordPress blogs scale quite well. A relatively simple website can be created for next to nothing. However, there are more useful premium themes and plug-ins available. By acquiring new, more effective solutions for the website, you should be able to gradually modernise it with the increase in your budget.

  • Modular design

It is incredibly simple to incorporate new plug-ins and functionality into WordPress because of its modular nature. For the most part, users simply need rudimentary technical know-how and a good tutorial to launch a website or install a plug-in.


  • Essential plugins are all pricey

Although it is simple to locate a wide variety of plugins, those designed for corporate settings typically have a cost. In particular, if you also purchase a premium theme and premium page widgets, it raises the overall cost of a website.

  • Generic code

For a wide variety of purposes, the WordPress framework was created, its performance and speed are poor as a result of this main cause. The WordPress platform is the greatest option for individuals who anticipate only a few thousand visitors each day, as greater traffic will significantly slow down the website’s pace.

Despite numerous optimization plug-ins, WordPress websites cannot match or even come close to the performance of custom-built websites.

  • Less control over the website

Because WordPress is an open source platform, anyone can make plug-ins and themes for it. It has fueled the expansion of a brand-new market that is exclusively focused on these components.

Are some plugins and themes available for free on any other software market?

Even if you get certain plugins and themes for free, they have very limited functionality and aesthetic options. The ones that are extremely effective and elevate your website’s performance are typically very pricey.


Your needs must be taken into consideration while deciding between a custom website and a WordPress site. Both WordPress and custom websites have benefits and drawbacks.

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