Why Should You Revamp or Redesign Your Website?

Your website serves as your brand’s salesperson. It serves as the foundation of your digital marketing campaign. If your website is unable to precisely convey your brand’s message, your brand will be at a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace.

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Redesigning a website is an essential process that is done over a certain period of time due to various reasons. But the most important reasons for website redesigning are:

  • Your website design becomes outdated.
  • Your old web design is incapable of generating good leads and traffic.
  • Your previous website design is not mobile-friendly or SEO-friendly.

At some point along your online journey, the need to update the website will be felt. Updating the website is essential for both the SEO process (Search Engine Optimization) and branding efforts. It is required to update your website when you introduce new products and services and to indicate to search engines that your site is still relevant. Hence, today in this blog, we will highlight the key reasons for redesigning your website.

For Better Dissemination of Your Brand Offerings

Designing trends are always in the process of evolution. The design which was popular 2-3 years ago, might not be suitable for today’s trend. While surfing on the web, you will find many websites with outdated design themes, the old look and feel of your website make it difficult to view the full range of services your brand offers. It will subsequently hinder the growth of your company.

Change in The Content Strategy

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Did you know that 70% of people prefer to learn about a company via an article instead of an advertisement?


If the latest versions are not available then it’s better to remove these tools because, in the long run, they’d end up doing more harm to your site.

Outdated Third-Party Tools on Your Site

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On the internet, you will come across many sites that use third-party tools to enhance functionality. But, the problem is the majority of those sites forget to update third-party tools.

If these tools do not comply with current standards, the user will have trouble using them and will eventually depart from your site. Outdated third-party tools also slow down the conversion rate.

Therefore, always ensure that these tools are working and responding well. Try to look for the latest versions of these tools- if the latest versions are available, then update them.

If the latest versions are not available then it’s better to remove these tools because, in the long run, they’d end up doing more harm to your site.

Facing Challenges in Converting More Leads

How often do you check your website performance?

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Your website might look great in terms of design and layout, but still worried why doesn’t it convert more prospects? Having a great web design doesn’t automatically guarantee more conversions. You must also evaluate different aspects of your website such as:

    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy
    • Landing pages
    • CTA’s (call-to-action)

It can be possible that your web design is fine, but there can be a problem with your landing pages- for instance, they are too complicated.

The languages you have used in CTA are not clear or visitors are not able to access the information when they need it.

Establishing Credibility With Website Redesigning

As explained earlier, web designs that were considered user-friendly, mobile-friendly and SEO friendly a few years ago might not fit in the current times. In case, you are still using the old design theme, simply change it as soon as you can.  If you want to build your brand’s credibility in the online marketplace, one of the best methods is to provide testimonials and social proof of your website.website redesign

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Wrap Up

It has been observed that small and medium-sized businesses are hesitant to invest in website redesign services because they believe it will be too expensive. If you want to make changes to your website then even if it demands more investment, it is recommended that you should do it, because in the long run, this will yield excellent results for your company.

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