5 Common Challenges Faced By Android App Developers

Because of the enormous market need, a great number of IT tech organizations are now working on android mobile applications. Because it is open-source and often updated with new features and functionalities, its popularity is growing. Businesses are making significant expenditures to speed up their mobile apps so that the number of customers they serve will also grow.

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In this article, we have highlighted the most common problems majority of mobile app developers face.

Top 5 major challengers confronted by Professionals during Android App Development

  • API compatibility

Many developers use third-party APIs to improve the compatibility and usefulness of mobile devices. Although not all third-party APIs offered to developers for the creation of Android apps are of the highest calibre.

There are APIs that can only be used with a particular OS version and won’t operate with other OS editions on hardware. Developers typically find it quite difficult to figure out how to make the same API function across multiple Android versions.

  • Software fragmentation

Different devices run on distinct operating systems. Developers are faced with a significant task in keeping up with the developments.

Yet, the majority of Android users utilize the most recent version. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies will eventually benefit people.

During the development of Android apps, does it produce the desired results? Due to the fact that not all users use the most recent version, it presents a mismatch for them.

This discrepancy makes it difficult for developers to meet the criteria depending on the needs of the business.

  • UI design rules

User retention rates for apps are heavily influenced by their user interface. The application’s aesthetic appeal and compatibility with other features are both improved on a single page. Google doesn’t offer any kind of standard user experience when it comes to its services for developing Android applications.

But every business must create unique user interfaces that adhere to their standards and criteria. Android developers should constantly be on the lookout for new approaches to creating a better user-friendly UI design for all devices. Additionally, because it has an impact on the whole user experience of the Android application, they should be as vigilant as they can at this time.

  • Security issues

Because there aren’t any tight regulations for the production of android apps, the internet is a location where malware is abundant. This has an impact on Google Play as well as Apple. The growth of mobile devices has made fighting malware extremely difficult because any issue must be resolved on hundreds of different devices running a wide range of OS versions. As a result, many security concerns are now exposed to Android apps and devices.

  • Search engine visibility

According to the most recent Statista statistics, there are many mobile applications available on the Google Play Store.

Additionally, a significant portion of Android users favour free apps over paid apps, therefore developers are forced to promote their mobile applications in order to increase downloads and take advantage of application monetization options.

The most effective way to promote mobile apps and reach your target market is to use complete digital marketing strategies. For aggressive app promotion, the majority of developers use the help of digital marketing professionals.


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