5 Different Types Of Amazing Websites You Can Create In WordPress

Do you believe that WordPress is best used for blogs only?

If so, you should reconsider because it can also be utilised for other things.

With the aid of the most popular CMS, you may develop many sorts of websites (Content Management System)

According to statistics, there will be 455 million websites online in the second quarter of 2022, or roughly 43% of all domains on the internet.

WordPress is the most popular content management system, according to W3Techs’ estimate that it accounts for 64.3% of websites using content management systems.

WordPress is recognised for hosting blogs since 2003, but don’t let this deceive you into thinking that it is only used by small businesses and personal blogs.

WordPress is used by many large brands, Fortune 500 companies, and high traffic websites, like Sony, Disney, and CNN.

In this article, we’ll showcase 10 incredible WordPress website types that you may create using WordPress.

Business website

It is a really easy approach to make a website that looks professional. Because of its power, many well-known companies and names use WordPress to bolster their online presence.

You should have specific goals in mind before starting the process of developing a website for your business. These goals should serve as the foundation for your website.

It will be a waste of money if you are unclear about the business goals you intend to accomplish with your corporate website. If you don’t know what the purpose of your business WordPress site is, don’t expect it to achieve it.

Your website’s visitors should be able to quickly and easily comprehend what your company does when they visit it.

They should be able to tell straight away if they are at the right place and if your company is a good fit for them. You do this by outlining your company’s vision and objective in great detail.

Avoid undermining your call to action as well. The call-to-action buttons (CTAs) on your website are useful since they help you persuade visitors to take the next step and use your service or buy a product.

Make sure to include CTAs that will encourage consumers to purchase your products, sign up for newsletters, and more.

Government website

WordPress’s adaptable features help you deliver any message, including official statements. WordPress is the platform of choice for governments around the world to display information simply yet effectively.

Website administrators and visitors both enjoy using WordPress. WordPress’s capacity to display a variety of pages, from news to events. The ideal fit for nations with more than one common language is multi-language websites, which are even possible with different extensions.

eCommerce wordpress sites

As the name implies, these websites make it simple to buy or sell goods online. With so many options that allow for a simpler transaction process, creating an online business is practically effortless.

You can choose from thousands of WordPress eCommerce template variations, niche-specific ideas, and practical plugins. Because of this, WordPress is rising in popularity as one of the best platforms for creating eCommerce websites.

No matter what industry you operate in, a WordPress-powered online store may help you achieve your goals.

Blog or personal website

You can trust WordPress wholeheartedly when it comes to personal blogs or websites. WordPress began as a purely blogging platform in 2003 and eventually developed into the most widely used CMS (Content Management System) worldwide. WordPress is a robust personal blogging service that has grown more upscale, sophisticated, and established in recent years. It offers a wide selection of options for marketing your blog or website in whatever way you desire.

Portfolio WordPress websites

WordPress can help you achieve your goals if you work as a designer, photographer, or other creative professional and want to show off your work in an impressive way.

You may establish the ideal platform by using WordPress to build websites with galleries and portfolio sections.

Other types of websites you can build with WordPress are

Podcast websites

News and Magazine sites

Knowledge based WordPress sites

Jobs board WordPress sites

Online communities and forum-based sites

Charity websites


We’ve outlined the top 10 types of WordPress websites that WordPress may be used to create. WordPress, to put it simply, is more than just a blogging platform. You will need the assistance of a reputable web development company that offers comprehensive WordPress development services if you want to develop a WordPress website.

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