Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python

Why to learn Python?

Why is Python consistently one of the most popular and demanding programming languages?

It took some time for Python to gain popularity after it was developed. The first version of Python, created by Guido Van Rossum, was released in 1991. With the release of Python 2.0 at the end of 2000, the language reached its pinnacle due to its versatility and widespread use. The latest major version of python 3.10.7

Reasons to learn Python

  • Easiest programming language to learn

The best thing about Python is that anyone can learn to use it, even beginner programmers. Python is easy to read, write, and learn because it has a relatively simple syntax that incorporates aspects from the English language as it is spoken.

Due to the fact that more and more professionals are attempting to widen their skill sets and learn how to code, whether it be to fulfill the need for developers in the workforce or to simply follow their interests, it has become more crucial than ever. Due to the newfound ease of access to (and limitless supply of) online learning resources, it is now conceivable.

Python is an approachable language to start with compared to other languages, which may appear both time-consuming and overwhelming due to the removal of all unnecessary lines of code and syntax.

For instance: Whereas one language requires 4-5 lines of code, Python just requires one.

Additionally, unlike other compiled languages like C++, it allows you to run each line of code as you write it because it is an interpreted programming language. Beginners can test their work in response to immediate feedback, make modifications as needed, and continue to improve because of this.

  • Versatile language

Data mining, data science, AI, machine learning, web development, frameworks, graphic design applications, gaming network developments, product development, embedded system development, etc. are some of the most popular uses of Python.

It is used as an easier and more effectively written alternative to languages like C, R, and Java that carry out identical functionality. Python is becoming used as the main language for many applications because of this.

  • Used in data science

High-level programming language Python is quick, open, approachable, and easy to learn. With others, it pays easily, and it even functions flawlessly everywhere.

The idea was born in the late 1980s. Python didn’t gain traction in data science until lately. You couldn’t do statistics in Python for a very long time unless you wanted to spend the majority of your time pulling your hair out, according to Tal Yarkoni of UT Austin.

But thanks in part to the $3 million the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) invested in the creation of data analytics and data processing libraries for Python in late 2012, capabilities for every facet of scientific computing are now easily accessible in Python.

Python is used by Bank of America to analyze financial data. Facebook uses the Python module Pandas for its data libraries because they believe using a single programming language for several applications has advantages.

According to Burc Arpat, manager of quantitative engineering at Facebook, “we like to stay in the python environment,” which is one of the reasons we like to use Pandas.

  • Supportive community

The common stereotype is that computer programmers are quiet, independent individuals. For some people, maybe, but not everyone. It is only a stereotype, nothing more. Anyone can learn to code, and many programmers are eager to interact with others and pick up new skills.

Python has a strong, friendly community where programmers of all skill levels may participate in forums, post questions, organize local meetups, and offer support to one another.

GitHub is a site for hosting code where developers from all around the world can connect and work together on projects.

Over 2 million Python repositories are available on Github, and the Python community has over 56 million users.

  • Great opportunity

Python can advance your programming career. Since it is a very well-liked programming language, it is among the most in-demand technical abilities.

More than 200,000 Python job openings are listed on as of February 2022, including more than 50,000 positions just for Python developers.

Large corporations like Netflix, Yahoo, Microsoft, Instagram, PayPal, Facebook, etc. are employing talented Python professionals and paying them well.


You should now understand why learning Python is a good decision. We have given compelling reasons for learning Python. There may be numerous additional factors, but if we list them all, this article will never conclude. Therefore, we have listed the most important ones.

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