5 Video Marketing Tips For Millennials

Any person born between 1981 and 1996 is considered a millennial. The internet, the digital revolution, and technology were all part of this generation’s upbringing. Millennials respond to high-quality video content, are interested in the values behind attractive ads, and prefer using their smartphones instead of desktops to make online purchases.

Along with the fundamentals of video marketing for millennials, we’ve compiled our best tips for tailoring your content to your audience’s interests.

What is Generation Y?

Generation Y is the first generation to grow up with the internet, cellphones and digital communication. They are usually the people born between 1981 and 1996 and is considered a millennial.

Essential tips to make your videos loved by Generation Y

Now that you know why millennials are such demanding consumers, let’s discuss how to create videos that will capture their interest.

  • Always be authentic and genuine

What does authenticity mean? Your company needs to do the following actions in order to be authentic to generation Y customers:

    • Aspire to give its clients the best results possible.
    • Be transparent and honest.
    • Having a purpose- You’re here to solve a problem or meet a need, and your goal is to do it better than any other competing company.

Everything you do, from the way you market to the way you handle consumers after the transaction, must reflect authenticity. However, millennials demand more. This generation of customers rewards businesses who engage them in conversation, and as a result, they now have human-like relationships with companies.

What Gen Y wants from brands is:

    • Recognize them on a personal level
    • Provide the finest possible customer service
    • Consider them to be more than just a client.
    • Give them due respect.

One way to do this is to avoid constantly trying to sell to them overtly. Instead, increase sales by giving your relationship with Gen Y significance. This can be accomplished by including tips on how to make the most of your goods and services in emails, posts on social media, and your website.

  • Reject outbound and focus on inbound marketing

Millennials favor companies that are committed to improving the lives of their customers through educational content. Millennials prefer blog posts, videos, white papers, e-books, and other how-to content over product and service listings, and this is known as inbound marketing.

This is your company’s chance to create top-notch content that ranks highly on Google and demonstrates to millennial customers that you are knowledgeable about the sector because they value thought leadership and expertise.

A fantastic example of how businesses can provide their audience with expert how-to is the Mac Cosmetics YouTube channel. When your business takes the time to offer people useful advice, they appreciate it and respect what you stand for.

Mac gives young viewers precisely what they want and places it where they can find it. Utilizing YouTube is ideal because 54 % do it every day. Most likely, a Millennial would recommend Mac makeup to her friends.

  • Remain online available, especially on social media

Reaching out to a wide range of demographics—especially the millennial generation—requires social media marketing. These are individuals whose transition into adulthood took place around the time that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and AOL Instant Messenger first appeared. They can communicate with businesses as well as one another thanks to these technologies.

Gen Y has its preferred communication channels, particularly for engaging with brands, similar to how all age groups do, albeit not all of them are social media. The favorite communication methods for millennials are text messages, emails, social media, phone calls, and in-person meetings, in that order.

  • Adopt reader first approach

Millennials desire the impression that your content was written with their interests—not their wallet—in mind. In this situation, people are introduced to buying your goods and services in a more natural way. Your educational content helps create strong brand-consumer ties without ever being “pushy.” Sincerity is valued by consumers, and brands with open communications succeed.

  • Remember that ownership is not everything

A large portion of Generation Y was born during and after the Great Recession. According to a Washington Post research, this led to a 13% decline in their earnings between 2005 and 2017. Some economists have suggested a connection between the decline in income and millennials’ preference for renting over property ownership.

Consumers in this generation frequently prefer paying a fee to obtain temporary access to a good or service than paying for it in full. Instead of having to pay for music and movies like Gen X did with CDs and VHS tapes, Millennials today may practically “rent” them through services like Netflix and Spotify. By discovering ways to rent your services or products instead of just selling them, you can open up new revenue streams for your company.


Millennials expect to find the valuable video content they’re looking for quickly because they were raised during the digital revolution. Therefore, providing them with this possibility is your main goal. They prefer skilled video positioning, social proof, and high-quality animated animations.

Now that you’re prepared, develop a strong video marketing strategy to appeal to millennials. Now, enlisting the aid of a professional digital marketing agency will help you develop flawless video content. If you’re looking for one, look no further than Stellar Digital, the best digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR, and Gurgaon.