5 Ways To Increase App Feedback, Ratings & Reviews

Approximately, 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The positive reviews transform your customers into your brand advocates for your mobile app. In case your app has a healthy amount of good reviews, its more essential to get visible who in response will download it.

When it comes to app, reviews act as a feedback assisting you enhancing it and resolve any bugs.
Hence in this article, we will enlist major ways to increase app feedback, Rating and reviews

Asking users to review your app

Simpler, easier and best method to obtain more reviews is to ask feedback from your customers regarding the service you offered.

It is the best way to make sure customers are satisfied and develop your online reputation.

In case you are on a call with customer, you need to remind them that you are available on Google and that you encourage any feedback. It’s that simple.


It is popular and growing method of increasing app reviews and enhancing app ratings. You can utilize gamification by executing contests and promotions that entail leaving behind ratings and reviews.

For an instance, you are free to provide varieties of discount packages and cards to users and allow them to take their time to properly rate and review your app. People will naturally be attracted to the promotions provided and willingly ready to review your app without any requirement to promptly ask them to do so.

Always remember that whenever you are providing monetary incentives of any kind such as discounts and gift cards than you don’t require to make the amount significant higher. People on their own will complete basic actions like writing reviews even if they are only getting a few penny in exchange.

Utilization of social media to obtain feedback

Providing support to your mobile app via social media platforms. The social media channels can rightly attract the users towards an application.

Just see the example of an app candy crush saga through which they get huge reach among users via Facebook promotion.

Replying to both positive and negative reviews

There are lot of developers who only give reply to negative reviews but what they forget is that its not easy to change an opinion of a user who offered a rating of 1-2 stars instead of the one’s who only given an average or high rating.

At times, user provide a high rating but offered an important comment.

In case, you haven’t taken the requests of users in time, they can appropriately cut down the rating in-order to grab the developer’s attention. Keep in mind that the time spend by users on leaving a comment. It will be better to get feedback from the developer. It will also boosts the credibility of the application. On the opposite, if a developer leave good reply, rating can be fueled up by user.

Fixing the pain points

If a number of viewers are recommending the same features or fixes, then take account of a new version with those updates and when you implement, take a note in the app description or “what’s new in this version section” so aware of the customers what issues have been resolved. You can also describe that the problems were identified as per customer feedback and ask them continue letting you know what they think.


Obtaining positive feedback from existing users must always be central point of every app marketing strategy. The apps who has higher ranking in the app store, is more easy to search because they are more visible, due to which they attract and convert more new users.

One of the effective ways to garner positive ratings is to produce a quality app that ignites an enthusiastic response from its audience.

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