6 Essential Call-To-Action Examples That Used By Popular Firms

Do you want to persuade readers to buy from you?

or perhaps get more people to sign up for your newsletters?

or perhaps observe your conversion rate skyrocket?

You only need the appropriate call to action (CTA)

CTAs not only give your prospects clarity, but they also make your marketing effort more appealing.

Today, in this article we’ll showcase key CTA examples that you can use for your own campaigns.

But before that let’s understand,

What is CTA (Call to action)?

You direct visitors on what to do after viewing your content via the call to action (landing page, pop-up, blog post, social ad, etc.)

Think of the CTA as pointing the visitor to the first stage of the buying process on the customer’s journey map.

Let’s move on to a,

Few key call-to-action examples that generate quick leads

  • HubSpot

The abundance of free resources that HubSpot offers is one of its USPs. This slide-in CTA, which was discovered in an article on marketing intelligence, demonstrates how a cleverly placed CTA may improve user experience.

It is discrete and enters the article in the middle, not only encouraging leaders to “download immediately,” but also providing a valuable and cost-free resource. For individuals who might not know where to start, the marketing kit offers an immediate solution.

The slide-in CTA offers a free resource that is related to the article’s topic and is directly tied to it. Readers can finish the article and then download the guide with templates to get started creating their marketing.

  • Netflix

To some, subscribing to a service may feel like a significant commitment. What if you subscribe yet to find the product unappealing?

By letting potential customers cancel their accounts at any moment, Netflix addresses this concern in a unique way.

The CTA button is prominent and makes it clear to the visitor what Netflix wants them to do on this page.

  • Spotify

Keeping your message brief and to the point is one of the most effective methods to communicate the value your product gives. Spotify excels at doing this.

Its title “Music for everyone” and the subhead “Millions of songs” reassure users that Spotify is likely to have the music they’re looking for. It also clears up any concerns about unforeseen expenses by including a disclaimer that a credit card is not required.

The primary CTA button, “Get Spotify free,” further emphasizes the idea that signing up for Spotify is absolutely free.

  • Crazy egg

It provides website heatmap software. The buyer persona is also explored in this CTA. It is clear from the copy alone that it is intended for a data-driven B2B marketer who wants to immediately improve their website.

Additionally, they write “300,000 websites employ crazy egg” as proof and credibility.

The phrase “show me my heatmap” also offers immediate gratification and clarifies to the visitor what they will receive after entering their website URL.

This one of our call-to-action examples closes the deal for a qualified lead by including a 30-day free trial guarantee.

  • Gift rocket

Accept it: the laziest ways to show someone you care generally involve gift cards and store-bought greeting cards. Gift rocket, however, is able to mix the two into a surprisingly alluring package that might make a good present for the people you cherish.

Still, their CTA is effective since it gives you the option to “Send a Giftrocket,” a much more intriguing and thrilling way to send a present, rather than asking you to “join up for now” or “Get yours free.”

  • Klient blog CTA pop-up

It seems obvious that since it is a performance marketing agency, its pop-up would be a marketing treasure trove. The language of this pop-up is particularly layman-friendly, which is its best quality.

You are also given two choices: one to subscribe to the blog and the other, not to, but only if your marketing is already insanely strong. Even someone who doesn’t know the first thing about performance marketing will easily understand what the company is trying to say with its CTA copy: “your marketing requires to get stronger and we have the ideas ready.” It is a strong call to action that manages to be both straightforward and efficient.


Do these examples of calls to action inspire you to take immediate action?

Continue to test other CTAs, different setup copies, and even the addition of media and graphics.

Nobody becomes a brilliant copywriter overnight, but a deep grasp of your customer’s pain points and joys is an excellent place to start.

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