Digital Marketing Trends That Wouldn’t Let You Fail In 2022

Just like the changing seasons, the trends around us are ever-changing too. In order to make the most of these, it is wise to always go with the flow. The same is implied in the digital sphere too. These trends appear to change each year and if you keep up with them, your business/website/brand would constantly witness a surge amidst the masses.

The COVID-19 pandemic’s aftermath is still reshaping how customers buy and businesses function. More products and services have gone online and many organizations have permanently shifted to a hybrid or remote work engagement model. Almost two years of diverse client responses to the Covid crisis have provided us with insights into the marketing trends that are succeeding in this new normal and what to expect in 2022

Back in 2021, 43% of marketers saw an increase in their content marketing budgets, and 66% expect it to climb again in 2022.

In this article, we’d be covering a few aspects of the Digital trends in industries that one must consider in 2022. The entire Digital Marketing domain is too vast to summarize within a few bullets. Therefore, we’d be presenting to you- through this article, how each industry, under Digital Marketing, is experimenting with these new trends and is winning at it!

The content has been compiled in the following structure under the following point-

  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Voice Searches
    • Video Marketing
    • Long-form Content
  • Pay-Per-Click
    • Switch to mobile-friendly options
    • PPC Automation
    • Smart bidding
  • Web Designing
    • Simple Look
    • Light/Dark Mode
    • 3D- designs
  • Social Media Marketing
    • TikTok
    • Going Live on Social Media
    • Replace VR with AR
  • Email Marketing
    • Integrating interactivity
    • Staying away from open rate
    • Personalized short messages

So, without any further ado, let’s get into it

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of making efforts to improve the ranking of a website on Google, The primary distinction between SEO and paid advertising is that SEO entails “organic” ranking, which implies you do not pay to appear in that spot. To put it simply- Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a piece of online content so that search engines like Google displays it towards the top of the page when someone searches for something.

Search Engine Optimization

But you may wonder how does this goes hand-in-hand with Digital Marketing, right? The answer is simple. SEO Digital Marketing is vital to increase your site rankings. However, this alone will not help you get your site to the front page of a search engine. Always be innovative when it comes to SEO Digital Marketing tactics. Combine the benefits of content marketing with those of SEO Digital Marketing and witness the difference yourself!

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Let us now talk about some trending elements that fall under SEO. Most of the major organizations adapt themselves to the changing SEO trends as they eventually realize how important they are. Let us check them out-

  • Artificial intelligence

People’s interactions online are changing because of artificial intelligence (AI). It’s worth emphasizing Google’s AI algorithm in particular. The algorithm, known as RankBrain, was first revealed a few years ago and plays a vital part in Google’s ranking determinants for Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) results.
So, the big question really is- how do you improve your SEO for RankBrain? The analysts feel that user experience signals are the most important factor. These can range from the click-through rate to the amount of time spent on the page. With helpful and well-organized material- you must capture and interest the readers.

  • Voice searches

Voice search technology has gone a long way thanks to technologies like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Technology has grown in popularity as it has developed.

By 2022, it is expected that 55% of households would have a smart speaker.

Focus on keywords and longer phrases to increase your SEO in this specific region of search; voice searches naturally function better with longer phrases. People prefer to abbreviate when typing. All of this is done to make it easier for search engines to locate you on the internet.

  • Video marketing

It’s no secret that video is more engaging than static photographs or posts. In 2022, the trend of producing more video content will continue. However, paying attention to the many video formats already accessible will be especially vital in 2022. According to research, short content videos are the second most successful trend that marketers are now exploiting.

According to a report- 89% of global marketers want to continue spending in short-form video content in 2022.

As a result, if you aren’t currently utilizing video or haven’t given it much thought, now is a perfect moment to start. If you currently have videos as part of your plan, remember to stay in the course as new trends arise throughout the year.

For your initial short content movies, you may, for example, use social media wherein you display your goods, events and behind-the-scenes experiences through social media stories- such as those on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You will strike the mark- especially with a Personalized Video- because the digital marketing trends 2022 are all about personalization and customization.

  • Long-form content

Long reads of 3,000 words or more receive three times the traffic and four times the shares, according to recent reports.

They also get 3.5 times as many backlinks as articles that are 901 to 1,200 words in length.

To improve your search rankings- start focusing on long-form content. However, the quality of your material must not be compromised. The goal is to keep users interested by providing them with shareable content.
How do you go about accomplishing this? To make your material more scannable, divide it into sections with H2 and H3 subheadings. For mobile sites, subheadings are very critical. Second, make sure you link to reputable, relevant sources with a high authority score. Finally, make sure your material is simple to distribute. Include clear sharing buttons in the headline and at the end of the article so that people may share it with a single click.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC Srvices-min

PPC (pay-per-click) is a well-known digital marketing method. It enables company owners to promote their items via a variety of digital channels

The fundamental goal of PPC is to increase the number of visitors to a website. Advertisers use a variety of digital platforms to promote their products and services. When visitors click on the advertising, they are paid a certain amount.
The campaign’s goal is to drive visitors to the company’s many websites. You may- for example, utilize PPC to direct users to a product purchase page. Customers may therefore view the things they require and purchase them with a single click.
When it comes to implementing the latest PPC Marketing trends, you can check out the following points as well that directly/indirectly enhance your growth-

  • Switch to mobile-friendly options

Mobile phone accounts for around 70% of sponsored search impressions

If you want your PPC campaign to be successful in 2022, make sure you use the mobile-friendly option to its best potential. According to studies, mobile phone accounts for around 70% of sponsored search impressions. This figure is likely to rise significantly. As a result, if you want to win at PPC next year, focus on mobile-friendly solutions.

  • PPC automation

When it comes to successful marketing, one of the growth hacker’s go-tos is PPC advertising. PPC (pay-per-click) is a method of charging advertisers when someone clicks on their advertisement. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, PPC software may automate the procedure, saving time and effort.
Using PPC software can assist your company in achieving its objectives by assisting your target audience as they progress through your sales funnel; it can help you increase brand visibility, improve leads and track and measure conversions and campaign performance so that you can make changes as needed. PPC software takes care of everything for you- from research to campaign structure, allowing a growth hacker to devote more time to enhancing audience engagement, identifying sex dolls growth opportunities and developing new ad kinds that will aid conversion.

  • Smart bidding

Many businesses’ internet marketing initiatives include PPC advertising. Some businesses make the mistake of bidding too high for keywords, achieving great rankings for a short time but blowing over their marketing budget. Others bid insufficiently and never expect to get the conversion rates they desire.
The good news is that there is a more intelligent approach to bidding. Google Ads’ Smart Bidding choices make it simple to see the campaign results you desire while letting you adopt a more hands-off approach.

Web Designing

The design of websites that are presented on the internet is referred to as web design. Rather than software development, it generally relates to the user experience components of website creation. Previously, web design was mostly focused on creating websites for desktop browsers; but, since the mid-2010s, mobile and tablet browser design has become increasingly essential.

Web Designing Services

A web designer is responsible for a website’s look, layout and- in certain situations, content. For example, appearance refers to the colors, typography and pictures utilized. The way information is organized and grouped is referred to as layout. A good web design is simple to use, aesthetically pleasant and appropriate for the website’s target audience and brand. Many web pages are created with an emphasis on simplicity, with no unnecessary content or functionality that might confuse or distract users.
And by the time 2022 approaches, these simplistic designs will be the most approved ones. Check out a few of the web designing trends that designers are considering the most to implement-

  • Simple look

You may recall that most websites used to place all of their most significant content in the top third of the page. This may soon become burdensome for internet-savvy customers searching for more simple experiences, from brand messaging to call-to-actions and mailing list registration forms.
The modern trend in web design is to simplify and decrease it today and in the future. The game is calm colors, lots of negative space and only one call-to-action.
Brands, in 2022, want customers to engage with their websites, so they create a frictionless design that delights rather than overwhelms them.

  • Light/dark mode

More customers than ever before are building their personal preferences- thanks to the availability of light and dark modes on computers and smartphones. People that favor dark mode do so since it is more comfortable for their eyes.
Light mode, on the other hand, maybe more convenient to use during the day or for those who desire a more vibrant appearance.

  • 3D-designs

3D design continues to thrive in the field of online design, despite the fact that it is not a new trend. 3D graphics are increasingly being employed in user interfaces to improve online interfaces and provide a visually appealing aspect to websites.

Graphic design, typography and digital art are all-embracing 3D design, which involves using computer modeling tools to create three-dimensional things. It may be seen on professional websites as well as personal ones.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a worldwide network of over 3.5 billion people that enjoy sharing, seeking and creating information. But how might you as a marketer or business owner, make use of this network in a way that benefits your company? Business growth tactics are strongly linked to social media outlets. When it comes to creating genuine connections with customers, you can’t ignore being social. This is where Social Media Marketing enters the picture. There are also a variety of social media management tools available to assist businesses in making the most of their social media channels.
To understand the very social media platforms and on what aspects, where you can implement the trends, are mentioned below

  • TikTok

Around three years ago, TikTok became popular, ushering in a new medium via which marketers may communicate with audiences. The social networking app currently has 1 billion users worldwide and serves to a wide range of demographics. TikTok has positioned itself front-and-center in the race to secure the highest quality content, the largest number of users and creators and brands that will continue to engage with it for marketing purposes, has recently launched a number of advertising and marketing features for businesses and creators.

67% of marketers plan to increase their TikTok investment in 2022, with 10% of marketers that use social media as part of their entire marketing strategy planning to invest the most in TikTok.

  • Going live on social media

According to social media marketers, 68% of them said audio chat rooms like Clubhouse are the most successful social media content, while 59% said live video is the most effective.

By 2022, 96% of those who are investing in live audio content plan to spend the same amount or more. Live video, on the other hand, is said to generate the highest return on investment (ROI) of all social media forms by 9% of respondents. These formats allow companies to interact with consumers directly in a meet-them-where-they-are setting, with topics ranging from current events and concerns to the brand’s position on those issues to the products and services themselves.
Heart-to-heart dialogues may be interwoven with expert viewpoints, Q&A-style debates, how-tos and entertainment render this format its genuineness and dynamic character

  • Replace VR with AR

AR and VR are predicted to become significantly more ubiquitous by the end of 2022, but they aren’t quite there yet in the marketing world. Incorporating such into your social media material is quickly becoming a need. AR is currently accessible on select Instagram filters and studies have proven that it keeps people engaged for far longer than a typical post. Learn how to utilize augmented reality and virtual reality in your articles. Users might try on your merchandise or participate in a guided treasure hunt akin to Pokémon Go. Whatever it is, you’ll want to get ahead of the curve.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services


One part of a marketing plan is email marketing. It entails using emails to keep consumers up to speed on corporate news, limited-time offers, product changes and other information. Email is a strong communication tool that, when used correctly, can help you create relationships with potential clients and enhance your sales efforts.

A candidate with email marketing expertise may be helpful to any company, regardless of sector, in today’s increasingly digital environment. If you’re interested in marketing, understanding how email marketing works and why it’s effective might give you a leg up on the competition in whichever field you choose. Therefore, it can be assured that email marketing services are reliable and business, in many aspects, count on it.

  • Implementing interactivity

Static emails will fail to grab your subscribers’ interest. You’ll want your recipients to interact with your emails, so include components like carousels of photos, movies, sliders, games, quizzes, and other interactive elements. This will help your subscribers pay more attention to your offer and get more interested in it!

  • Staying away from open rate

The open rate appeared to be a solid indicator of whether or not your subscribers were reading and responding to your emails. Apple, on the other hand, made a modification. The tech business announced new privacy settings a few months ago, affecting what information companies can access.

Marketers could previously measure open rates by utilizing pixels that loaded when recipients opened an email. Apple now preloads all of that material, so emails may seem to be opened even if the user never viewed them. Of course, not every email user is an Apple user, but with 66 percent of emails being opened on a mobile device and 58% of those mobile users owning an Apple device, open rate will not be a reliable indicator for the majority of mobile users

  • Personalized short messages

We know that as email users, we’re unlikely to read along, text-heavy emails from an unknown firm. It’s no surprise that our attention span is at an all-time low and that most customers, particularly the younger ones, value brevity.

We need to keep our messages short and sweet if we want subscribers to read them, and if you can add in some photos while you’re doing it, that would be fantastic.


Through all that we’ve read and understood, one fact is clear- change is the only constant. Even in terms of digital marketing. Something which may have been labeled cool and trendy back in 2020 is now- in 2022- a thing of the past. Therefore, through all that we’ve witnessed, the most important thing we have learned that is we have to change our approach each year. This is the only way we stay on course and make a mark!

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