How Does An SSL Certificate Affect SEO?

What is the impact of an SSL certificate on SEO?

It is a highly sought-after question by marketers, SEO professionals, etc.

In this article, we will understand in detail: what is an SSL certificate? And how does it affect SEO?

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL means secure socket layer, a type of data encryption that builds a secure connection between web browsers and servers.

Once you have an SSL certificate, the encryption and decryption of data are done by this tool. So that no option remains in front of the hackers and third parties.

How does it affect SEO?

  • Google confirmation

Google has already stated that SSL certification is a ranking factor. As per Google

“We had like to announce that we are making changes in our existing system to search out more HTTPS pages.

Also, Instead of HTTP pages, we will begin crawling HTTPS pages even when the former are not linked to from any page”

Google has made it clear that SSL certification is a ranking factor, but in comparison to high-quality content, it has been given less weightage.

In order to keep everyone safe on the web they are encouraging site owners to move on from HTTP to HTTPS.

  • Giving advantage over your competitors

In a situation when all other ranking factors are similar then having HTTPS acts as the tiebreaker. It will become the ranking factor which makes your website rank higher than your competitor. A small advantage like this is crucial because SEO is highly competitive.

That’s why businesses should buy an SSL certificate from a trusted certification authority.

  • Negative impact on bounce rates

Website owners will get a warning in the address bar citing “Not secure” when their website doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Pages that don’t have HTTPS installed or set up are rightly overlaid with a red X for all pages.

A lack of SSL certification will drive visitors away from your site. This will have a negative impact on your SEO especially bounce rate and time. As you know, the longer the duration, the lower the bounce rate.

Suppose you have a page that has great CTR (click-through rates) but has a high bounce rate then it’s a signal to Google that your website is not providing the information visitors are looking for.


We hope that through this article, you have understood the importance of an SSL certificate. Since Google itself has taken it as a ranking factor than it doesn’t leave a much of choice. As a site owner, you should have it on your website.

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