Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends For 2023

As per Gartner research, by 2025, businesses will maximize the use of cloud-native platforms by 95%.

For more than a decade cloud computing is in use, but its demand increases significantly post Covid. Businesses and organizations are in competition when it comes to the adoption of the cloud. In order to get rid of production complexities, a large number of businesses shifted to the cloud.

Determining the top cloud computing trends for 2023 is the reason for this article.

Top 5 Cloud Computing trends for 2023

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

You have heard of many experts stating that machine learning and artificial intelligence is an essential technology for the future.

But a lot of them have forgotten to tell you one thing that both AI and ML require high bandwidth and processing capacity.

Access to the resources required to run AI/ML-based tools is beyond the reach of the average business network.

The data centers deal with this issue. The significance of data centers in this situation becomes vital.

Cloud data centres have boosted the power of both computation and bandwidth to generate data for machine learning.

The incorporation of AI and ML into cloud platforms is therefore absolutely essential. The cost of integrating AI and ML into the cloud is low.

That’s why in 2023 and beyond more robust AI and ML solutions will be seen on the cloud platforms.

  • Edge computing

It is the type of computer processing in which data processing takes place close to the source.

Edge computing ensures greater privacy, speed, security, and efficiency. Now a day’s edge computing technology empowers various smart devices like smartwatches, smartphones, and smart cars to work smoothly.

Businesses are moving their data and computation to the network’s edge these days because the conventional computation paradigm doesn’t improve network infrastructure security or efficiency.

  • Serverless computing

According to a Mordor, intelligence report the demand for serverless computing will be increased by 22.6% between the years 2022 and 2026.

In serverless computing entire computing infrastructure is provided by the cloud service provider and gives access via the internet browsers on smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.

More and more start-ups are adopting serverless computing to encourage modern work environment services. Serverless computing is also cost-efficient because there is no need of purchasing and maintaining the hardware commonly used for in-house infrastructure.

  • Cloud gaming

These days playing games in the cloud is a rising trend because it saves a lot of money for the participants which they earlier invest in purchasing expensive hardware and consoles. The participants also get rid of the storage issue. Earlier, they need to create storage space on home devices to support the game.

  • Kubernetes

In order to support the continuously growing ecosystem, Kubernetes provides automation to the ones that working on cloud models as it moves near to the automation world. Kubernetes is an extensible open-source platform, while centrally manages services and workloads. It allows you to run your applications from a single source


These are the top cloud computing trends which will be going to rule in 2023 and years to come. Apart from these, there are some other trends as well but we have mentioned the most influential ones. More and more organizations and businesses will be going to shift on the cloud that’s a fact.

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