How To Be An iOS Developer In 2022: A Definitive Guide

If you want to pursue a career as an iOS developer, but don’t know where to begin, this is your go-to resource for skills and requirements you need to learn.

To give you an overview of who exactly is an iOS developer, let us begin this way

Who is an iOS Developer?

iOS developers are individuals who create applications for mobile devices that use Apple’s iOS operating system. They must be well-versed in the ecosystem, patterns and practices that revolve around the iOS platform. iOS developers must understand how their applications function on various Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. They must maintain the code, ensure the quality of the application, fix application bugs and ensure application updates in addition to developing applications for iOS devices.

  • Skills an iOS Developer must Possess

Here are the basic skills that an iOS developer is expected to have

    • Experience as a mobile app developer
    • Experience with Objective-C, Swift, XCode and Cocoa Touch is required
    • Knowledge of continuous integration
    • Knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures and trends
    • Understanding of iOS back-end services
    • Core Data, Core Graphics, and Core Animation are among the iOS Frameworks that you should be familiar with
    • Knowledge of C-based libraries
    • Push notifications, APIs, and cloud messaging are all things you should be familiar with
    • Understanding Apple’s design principles and application interface guidelines are required
    • Knowledge of the life cycle of mobile development
    • Understanding of code versioning tools such as Git
  • Responsibilities of an iOS Developer

The most basic responsibilities of an iOS developer include

    • Create mobile applications for Apple’s iOS platform
    • Collaborate with various teams to design and launch app features
    • Ensure the applications’ performance and quality
    • Publish apps to the App Store
    • Carry out application updates
    • Determine potential issues and risks
    • Prior to the release, work on application bugs
    • Unit-test code to ensure its robustness

The demand for an iOS Developer

Since Apple has a smaller market share than Android, Android devices are far more common than iOS devices. This means that an iOS developer will have more opportunities to create apps for a small number of users. This gives mobile developers the creative freedom to customize and tailor apps for sophisticated users rather than creating apps for a broad audience and limiting the applications to generic functions. It is also more profitable for a mobile engineer to deploy an application on the iOS App store rather than the Play store.

As evidenced by the design of the iOS operating system (OS) and the applications available for download, Apple places a high value on user experience. As a result, iOS apps are often perceived as more user-friendly and elegant than Android apps. With roughly 2 million apps in the App Store and tens of billions of installations, the market for iOS Developers has seen nothing but growth.

Is it a good career?

You may wonder whether being an iOS developer is a good option or not. Let me explain a few reasons why should definitely consider working as an iOS developer.

There are several compelling reasons to pursue iOS development as a source of income. Regardless, iOS is one of the most popular mobile platforms on the planet, and skilled iOS engineers are in high demand. As an iOS developer, one would have the opportunity to work on exciting and new ventures for large partnerships and associations. Furthermore, iOS development is a lucrative and rewarding field, and developing new apps and features can be a lot of fun for an iOS developer.

The market for iOS-specific applications isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The job description iOS developers frequently have a lot of flexibility, including the ability to travel, work abroad or from home, and even relocate to another town, city, or country. But none of this is to say that the profession is without challenges; it’s demanding and requires an iOS developer to constantly learn in order to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. It is not necessarily a disadvantage, however, if one has a disposition for seeking ways to grow and improve. However, there is no denying that working for iOS has a steep learning curve, and there may be no limit to how much one can learn.

Can you be an iOS Developer?

A candidate with a thorough understanding of the iOS ecosystem, as well as a solid understanding of how Apple devices work, is eligible to begin. Technical skills are also important in becoming a professional iOS developer. And if you check these boxes, you are eligible, by all means, to become an iOS developer.


Recruiting developers and organizing a team is difficult, particularly for IOS developers. Managers and leaders must understand the project from start to finish and must consider the cost of development when hiring an iOS developer. Developers with experience in iOS app development, knowledge of the iOS ecosystem, and iOS frameworks, who have worked on similar projects to yours, and who have worked well in teams, are ideal candidates for your project. Nowadays, IT companies outsource developers for large-scale projects, which gives developers and freelancers great opportunities and benefits those looking to hire quality iOS developers in 2022.

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