How To Drive Website Traffic With The Use Of Facebook ads?

Globally, there are 2.93 billion Facebook users. The typical daily usage time for users is 33 minutes.

These stats enough to shows the importance of Facebook ads for driving visitors to your website.

Therefore, we will explain what are Facebook ad in this article as well as how to use them to drive traffic towards your website.

What are Facebook ads?

Businesses use Facebook ads, which are paid posts, to market their goods and services to Facebook users.

Facebook ads can target users based on a variety of criteria

  • Location
  • Interest
  • Other profile information
  • Demographics

Businesses establish a budget and put bids for each click or thousand ad impressions. Facebook advertising appear all across the app, including in users’ newsfeed, stories, messengers, Marketplace, and other areas, similar to how Instagram ads do.

Although they seem to be ordinary posts, they are always marked with the word “Sponsored” to make it clear that they are actually commercials. Facebook ads have more elements like CTA buttons, links, and product catalogues compared to regular posts.

If you want to boost the visibility of your company on Facebook, ads should be a major part of your marketing strategy.

The different types of Facebook ads are

  • Carousel
  • Image
  • Video
  • Collection
  • Instant experience
  • Lead
  • Messenger
  • Stories
  • Slideshow

How to set up Facebook ads for Website Traffic?

  • Setting up Facebook ads manager

It is your center stage where you can arrange all of your ads and get information on how they are performing. Build an account for your online store by going to the Facebook business manager.

From there, creating other accounts to run ads is simple.

Simply choose business settings from the business manager menu, then click on ad accounts underneath the account’s dropdown. After that, choose “New ad account” and follow the instructions to create your first campaign.

  • Adding the Facebook pixel to your website

When we talk about pixels, we’re talking about a tiny bit of code that tells you what action your visitors will take when they arrive at a landing page. The information from the pixel helps you construct Facebook-targeted audiences that are likely to perform well and optimize your ads even more.

  • Procedure to add a Facebook pixel to your website

Visit the data source, choose pixels and on the right click add.

Facebook will question do you want to install it manually or by using partner integration.

To make the process easier without utilizing code, partnered method has been developed. Existing partners comprises of

    • WooCommerce
    • WordPress
    • Shopify
    • Magento
    • Tealium
    • Makeshop
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Zapier
    • Cafe24
    • Segment
    • Conversion API Gateway

Establishing your web events

You must configure your web event and check your domain as part of the pixel setup process. Paid media professional has been provided with an easy tutorial video to complete this process.

Never forget that you can always go back and complete the domain verification procedure by going to brand safety>domains and the event setup process by going to the events manager.

  • Developing your Facebook ad campaign

Have you ever noticed how the word “Sponsored” appears in some of the Facebook ads you see?

All of these are components of a campaign created by brands with Facebook users like you in mind.

You must decide which advertising will constitute your campaigns in order to create similar campaigns. A campaign is simply a collection of advertising. As an advertiser, you get to choose which ads will be shown to which target market.

Steps to create your first campaign:

Visit the business manager.

    1. Choose Ad manager
    2. Click Create
    3. Select and decide your main objective whether awareness, conversion, or consideration
    4. Decide a name for your ad campaign

By selecting one of the awareness options below, you are expressing your want to learn more about yourself and the products you are selling. It is an inexpensive technique to increase brand recognition. If you want to increase sales, choose one of the conversion options (which can cost you more). In the end, if you want to increase social media engagement, check out the consideration option.

Keep in mind that no matter what option you choose, you will need to make a payment for your ads. Your ad impressions, which represent the number of people your ad will be seen by, are what determine how much your ads will cost.

Give your advertising campaign a name so that you can remember it and know which campaign you are running when and for what reason.

  • Building new ad sets

When you get to this point, you’ll notice that there are more options and settings available, but the important things are:

    • Traffic

Choosing the destination for your traffic. This is necessary since you have to choose a traffic campaign for your goal, however, this window’s appearance looks varied because of different goals.

    • Dynamic creatives

When you provide the assets (images, headlines, descriptions, videos, etc.), Facebook will combine and match them to create a variety of combinations, similar to how responsive search ads work.

    • Optimization and delivery

It is a location where you can describe to the algorithm your goal for success for your ad set, allowing Facebook to further tailor who sees your ads.

The options offered here will vary depending on your campaign’s goal.

    • Selecting the audience

You need to give serious consideration to the demographics and purchasing patterns of your customers. To try to sell to everyone might be alluring. However, by narrowing your target market, you increase your chances of finding customers who want your products and have the extra cash needed to buy them.

Choosing who to target under the business manager’s Audience area. The next step is to choose between prospecting and retargeting.


These methods will help you set up Facebook ads for website traffic correctly. However, working with a seasoned digital marketing company that provides social media marketing services is not a

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