How To Use A Business Pinterest Account For Marketing And Brand Growth?

Have you ever used Pinterest for marketing and business?

If the answer is no, you should think about employing it for branding and marketing.

You’ll ask, “Why?”

Due to the possibility that this neglected social media platform, which has great potential and may be the ideal platform for you to advertise your brand and business, an engaged, niche market that is willing to spend.

More than 200 million people use Pinterest each month, looking for and sharing useful information.

When used for business, Pinterest is ideal for showcasing goods and services because it frequently serves as a source of information for a big number of people, preparing to make a purchase.

Let’s start by talking about how to use Pinterest for business if you’re ready to do so. However, let’s first comprehend.

What is Pinterest?

It is a social networking platform where users may browse, share, and store visual information they find to be entertaining, motivating, or both.

To keep everything structured and make it easier for other users to find new information that relates to their interests, users add or pin their preferred content to boards with a similar theme.

How to use Pinterest for Marketing?

  • Creating a Pinterest marketing strategy

You will have a better understanding of what to include in your Pinterest marketing strategy if you are aware of what the most popular Pinterest categories are.

76.7% of Pinterest users, or the majority, are women. Only 15.3% of the audience are male consumers. Since Pinterest entries are categorised, if your company doesn’t deal with DIY crafts, don’t create a board for the craft of glue-gunning. Pick the most well-liked relevant ones.

  • Pin engaging, captivating content

Include a pin it button to the content on your website to maximise traffic flow between it and your Pinterest account. People can connect with you and share your stuff on Pinterest using this tool.

Since the typical pin on Pinterest is still searchable months after it was published, you can expect that by encouraging visitors to pin your content, you will dramatically extend its shelf life.

  • Apply for rich pins

Marketers should apply for rich pins if they wish to include extra information in their pins. Each of the six different types of rich pins allows marketers to add information to the actual pin.

    • Place pins: It has the user’s address, phone number, and a map.
    • Move pins: The user provides information on the cast, reviews, and ratings.
    • Product pins: User adds pricing, availability and purchase locations
    • Article pins: Users provide information about the story, link, and author, along with the article header.
    • App pins: Users provide details about a particular application, such as its cost and description.
    • Recipe pins: Users who pin recipes include information on serving sizes, ingredients, and cooking times.

Prior to using rich pins, you must choose the type or sorts that are most appropriate for your brand. After that, you must set up your site by incorporating the appropriate metatags. After all of this, the only action left to take is to submit an application for Pinterest’s rich pins.

  • Optimize your boards

Just like your pin descriptions, you wish to optimize your Pinterest boards like an SEO here’s how

    • Conduct keyword research to assess your primary keywords. Your board title should contain these crucial phrases.
    • Give the board a description. Try to use the entire 500 characters that you have available. You are also allowed to provide a call to action and a URL to view more of your website’s merchandise.
    • Always construct fillable boards.
    • Ensure that your board description includes a repetition of your board title.
    • Create a cover image for your message board. There should be 217×147 pixels in the image.
  • Using optimal Pin size

With an indefinite length, all pins have the same width. For a standard pin, 736×1102 pixels is a good size to aim for. It is not excessively large or little. The Pinterest template from Canva is the same size and makes it much simpler to size your images.


A social media marketing platform called Pinterest has a lot of unrealized potential. If you create a strong Pinterest marketing strategy, this platform may enhance brand awareness, boost conversions, soar in revenue, and finally build lasting relationships with your target audience and buyer personas.

Your long-term business goals can be achieved by using the ways listed above. There are additional methods in addition to those already stated. But we’ve just included the most significant ones. So, give them a try and see the results for yourself. Additionally, if you are having trouble promoting your brand on Pinterest, seek the help of the best digital marketing company that provides a whole range of services. Get connected to Stellar Digital the best digital marketing agency in Delhi and Gurgaon. Simply shoot us at