How To Use Hand Drawn Elements In Web Design?

What do you consider to be a fantastic web design project? Do you consider your design a success if it’s modern, minimalist, and easy to use?

Perhaps you’re the type of designer who is always experimenting with the newest dynamic design tools or cutting-edge technologies. Perhaps your website is vibrant, animated, and jam-packed with unique elements.

Creating the optimal design can sometimes entail carefully considering what you want to achieve for your client. The components that you must examine are heavily influenced by the purpose of your web creation.

For instance, if you want a design that is really emotive and human, you could combine parts of your sleek lines and graphics with hand-drawn elements.

Some Important Ways to Use Hand-Drawn Elements in Web Design

  • Create separation

Hand-drawn design elements on your website can be mixed and matched with other visual elements. They work well with photos and videos, and they serve to highlight important points.

Take, for example, the which features hand-drawn elements. It aids in making the site stand out, and it provides additional context for customers browsing the website for important details.

  • Engaging your audience

Hand-drawn elements are frequently used to interact with end-users on a more emotional level. Making your hand-drawn elements engaging and fun in the design landscape is one of the best methods to do this.

The is the best example of this. This intriguing game combines an attractive online design trend with clever interactive components, allowing users to customize their web experience.

  • Highlights header with typography

Full illustrations or images aren’t the best hand-drawn elements. A brand’s image and website design might also benefit from hand-drawn or doodle-like typography.

Natural, real handwriting typography designs are ideal for grabbing the audience’s attention. These unique elements serve to remind customers of the human behind the business while not detracting from the website’s attractiveness.

Take a look at the hand-drawn typography from the, for example, to see how designers may employ script fonts to grab the attention of customers right away. It’s worth noting that the typeface is still legible from a distance, so it’s not reducing clarity.

  • Emotional connect

Your website creation choices may have a significant impact on the emotional resonance that the brand has with its audience, depending on the firm for whom you are designing. Websites with hand-drawn components frequently have a more fun tone. They can provide a sense of innocence and friendliness to any undertaking that is difficult to achieve otherwise.

On the a childlike aesthetic with bright colours and hefty pieces is combined with hand-drawn elements. It’s a great illustration of how web designers may use hand-drawn elements to create a sense of playfulness and inventiveness.

  • Animated elements

Breathing life into hand-drawn elements with animation.

Screen-drawn images and visuals can be entertaining to look at and watch. While the apparent benefit to the consumer is amusement as they watch things come to life, there are also benefits for website owners: increased time on site and the possibility of higher conversions. 

To put this concept into practice on the homepage, start by removing the logo, which has a hand-drawn typographic style. Then animating it into a series of design ideas that move swiftly and incorporate various hand sketches. The loop lasts only a few seconds.

However, keep in mind that too many animations can slow down a website and make it less user-friendly.

The Importance of Hand-Drawn Features in Web Design

Any image can have a significant impact on the overall quality of your website design. Complex information is presented in an easy-to-understand style through visuals. Visuals are a technique of attracting attention and delivering content quickly in today’s fast-paced browsing world when distractions abound.

Although you go beyond the basic functioning of photos with hand-drawn elements, you embrace the emotional side of the content. The following are some of the major benefits

  • Memorable experience

Leading brands like and “ are increasingly using web illustrations. Despite the fact that these components take time to make, they are nonetheless in short supply. Illustrations can assist you in standing out in the online world.

  • Brand personality

One of the most important advantages of hand-drawn web design is that it allows you to show off your brand’s uniqueness. The blocky lines of imperfect text that go into illustrated drawings emphasize your company’s human essence. Many firms today strive to appear “perfect” in order to make the human touch more appealing.

  • Differentiation

Hand-drawn designs are relatively uncommon in the digital design world. If you’ve been looking for a way to make your brand stand out, this could be it. Still, there must be meaning behind your design; if you can transmit that meaning appropriately, the result could be a more unique brand.


From typography to loading animations, the use of hand-drawn elements in design projects may add a personal touch that users appreciate.

Although the hand-drawn element isn’t appropriate for every project, consider it the next time you need to lighten the mood or add something to keep users engaged. Take the help of a professional web design company if you want to include hand-drawn elements in your web design. At Stellar Digital, we have a talented team of designers who can help you create the perfect website. Visit to learn more about our web design and development services.