Instagram Introduces New Revenue features for Creators

Recently, Meta unveiled a number of new creator features for Facebook and Instagram. The most noteworthy development is that Instagram users will soon have the opportunity to design their own NFTs and sell them directly to their fans both inside and outside of the app. The makers are strengthened by this upgrade as they now have access to a variety of resources for creating, showcasing, and selling NFTs.

  • Instagram Subscriptions

Released as a restricted test in the month of January of this year. At the moment, all US creators who qualify can subscribe to Instagram.

Creators can offer special content through subscriptions in exchange for a recurring monthly fee from followers.

This is the best option available to creators for generating a steady revenue on Instagram.

Open the Instagram app and go to your professional dashboard to see if you qualify for subscriptions. If you are qualified, you will get a choice to set up subscriptions for your account.

Once this feature is active, you can start submitting subscriber-only content

    • Badges
    • Stories
    • Livestreams
    • Post
    • Reels
    • Broadcast channels
    • Group chats

You can advertise subscriptions in your Instagram stories with a special sticker. Subscribers receive distinctive badges after their names when commenting on posts in addition to access to exclusive content.

  • Stars and gifts

Facebook stars and Instagram live badges give producers a way to profit from their following. To increase earning possibilities, Meta has continued to introduce enhancements to these functionalities. Like introducing the option for fans to purchase multiple badges during an Instagram livestream, experimenting with fans’ ability to send stars while watching recorded video, and broadening the availability of stars to nine new markets.

    • Meta has seen that an increasing number of creators are using these technologies to communicate directly with their followers and wants to reward them for the positive effects they are having on communities. In order to achieve specific milestones with stars and badges, they are creating options for creators to earn more money. When Instagram creators reach certain milestones while using badges in live, including going live with another account, they will starting this week be able to get a bonus payment.
    • Stars challenges have been added by Facebook. If authors in the programme reach certain milestones, such as a specific amount of hours or stars earned within a specific time frame, etc. They can receive payments in the form of free stars from this.
  • Instagram digital collectibles (NFT’s)

Instagram has provided new opportunities for producers to produce their own digital collectibles and market them to their audience.

Creators can create their own digital collectibles using an end-to-end toolbox and sell them through their Instagram profiles.

Instagram is testing this trait with a select group of US creators and needs to quickly expand to other countries.

Along with adding support for the Solana blockchain and phantom pocket, Instagram is also extending the types of digital collectibles that creators may exhibit to include movies.


These upgrades make up a small portion of Meta’s larger plan to assist creators in advancing their careers. Subscribe to Stellar Digital, the top digital marketing company in Delhi NCR, and Gurgaon that specialises in mobile app development, web design and development, and digital marketing services, for access to more of these enlightening articles.