Duplicate Product Descriptions On SEO Rankings

You’ve probably heard many times that every online store needs to create original product descriptions in order to stand out from the competition.

I believe this misconception has persisted for a while, but I’m going to dispel it and explain to you how to use far more effective strategies to deal with the problem.

In this article, the impact of duplicate product descriptions on SEO rankings will be covered in detail.

Can Duplicate product descriptions actually harm my SEO ranking?

Every online store needs to have descriptions of the products it sells. They benefit both people (who can discover a product’s features) and search engine robots (that can better grasp your language and decide what keywords should be assigned to it)

What happens then if your website has multiple product descriptions?

John Mueller, a Google Search Advocate, offers guidance on how to create original product descriptions for related products without encountering problems with duplicate content.

Duplicate content is not a bad indicator, according to Mueller. Writing distinctive descriptions, however, helps Google rank pages for broadly comparable products more favorably.

During the Google Search Central SEO office-hours interview, he gives tips for crafting product descriptions.

Mueller emphasizes the value of producing text that highlights what distinguishes a product aesthetically from competing products while discussing how to create descriptions for similar products.

Essential tips to resolve Duplicate product descriptions issue

  • Providing descriptions of unique visual elements to the text

Imagine that your online store has 50 different product descriptions, some of which may be unique. Otherwise, you would just have sold one thing, right?

Mention distinctive qualities that set your products apart from one another in the product descriptions if you want to avoid having duplicate content issues.

Include the description and title if the offered shoes are brown. Write about a V-neck T-shirt with an animal print if you sell them.

Size, color, and product design are just a few examples of the elements you might use to make the description more distinctive. Once you’ve completed it, the remainder of the subsequent specification can remain unchanged. By using this technique, you may avoid using redundant product descriptions while still benefiting your SEO efforts.

It all comes down to giving Google a chance to understand your website better and helping it determine which keywords match specific pages. The robots can distinguish between similar products and show users the ones they are looking for thanks to such thorough descriptions and visual elements.

  • Integrating visual elements to Alt text images

The objective is to give Google a chance to better understand your website and assist it in determining which keywords match which pages. Thanks to such detailed descriptions and visual elements, the robots are able to discern between similar products and present users with the ones they are seeking for.

  • Write unique descriptions

The best way to prevent internal duplicate content and keyword cannibalization is to write a unique description for each product page. By doing this, you may add more high-quality content to your website and increase the number of keywords that your page gets displayed for.

Is it worthwhile to write a brand-new product description?

The percentage of duplicate content is lower for websites with more original descriptions.

This approach works well in stores that don’t stock a wide variety of sizes or colors for the same items. If the advantages outweigh the costs, it makes sense.

Keep in mind that working with experienced SEO copywriters might be expensive. Particularly if you gradually add additional products, colors, and sizes to your selection.

Given that you can continue to produce it for future product versions without sacrificing quality, unique content offers you a lot.

  • Utilize canonical links

The most well-known way for dealing with duplicate content product descriptions is to create canonical links.

This approach doesn’t require significant financial resources, nor does it necessarily take a lot of time. A canonical tag tells a group of URLs to index only one specific, “preferred” version of the page.

It is suggested to use canonical links for pages with different product sizes or color variations. Because of this, just the main product page and description will be indexed by Google robots.

Canonical links are the most effective way to avoid internal duplication.

Aside from that, it is important to note that using them makes it impossible to reach the site using long-tail keywords such (as blue jeans pants). Evidently, the SEO procedure might require a little more time in this specific situation.

  • Best use of user-generated content

Search engine robots can learn that your website is active and draws visitors thanks to user-generated content.

In fact, user-generated content like comments and reviews are quite valuable and may matter to Google more than your own product descriptions.

Encourage your consumers to leave reviews and comments on your products if you want to counteract internal duplicate content in product descriptions. It will be preferable if these comments mention details about your products, like their sizes or colors.

The more unique user-generated content you have on your page, the more social proof you have and the lower your internet duplication rate. Trust us, it’s worth the effort to build relationships with customers and encourage them to interact with your page.


Your website will not suffer duplicate content penalties from search engines. It indicates that it is simple to copy and paste product descriptions from the manufacturer. Copying & pasting is not recommended for larger volumes and is not worthwhile.

Importing product descriptions and images from businesses that offer product content as a service will be the wise choice for large volumes.

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