Why Should Web Developers Consider Editor X As A Viable Option?

There is currently a lot of discussion in the developer community around “Editor X.” Just what is Editor X? And why should developers take it seriously as a possibility?

Don’t worry today in this article if you are also looking for an answer to these questions. We’re heading to Editor X to explore it.

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What is Editor X?

Editor X is a completely functional and comprehensive website builder. Although there is a good probability that you are unfamiliar with Editor X, you are aware of the firm that created it, called “Wix.”

How does Editor X differ from other Website Builders?

There are features in Editor X that are difficult to discover in other website builders. It is therefore a great option for seasoned website designers, teams who frequently work together on website development, or anyone else who isn’t obtaining the design flexibility they require from other suppliers.

The ability to collaborate with several users is the most significant of these features. Multiple users can simultaneously modify the webpage using Editor X. This is a significant triumph for agency teams. Team members can remark in real-time on various parts, and managers can assign bespoke roles with various permissions.

The custom code functionality of Editor X distinguishes it from rivals as another key feature. Depending on the user, it might be viewed as either a substantial advantage or a drawback. While the ability to use customized JavaScript and link APIs will appeal to expert designers, someone who is just starting out in website design may find these capabilities intimidating.

Additionally, you may decide to assign user roles and configure permissions for each member of your team. For design firms who build websites for clients, this functionality is ideal. While you can restrict access to more essential design elements or a site’s theme style, you can still let clients edit content.

You have full access to the source code of your website with Editor X, and you may add your own unique HTML and CSS. Additionally, you can execute custom JavaScript code, which is typically used to generate dynamic content that alters depending on who is visiting your website. An integrated development environment (IDE) that is already built-in, typically an interactive code editor, makes it simpler to change code while you work on your website.

Additionally, the platform supports custom databases, which are quite helpful for managing a lot of content. Data from a CSV file may be imported and exported, which is especially useful if you’re moving over from an existing website built with a content management system like WordPress.

To accelerate site design and facilitate project organization, Editor X uses content collections. The collection is just a database that can be rapidly implemented throughout your website.

If you want to see how it works, Editor X includes a pre-made collection named Teams. The database contains details about each employee of your company, including their names, contact information, job titles, headshots, and any other unique information you like to include.

Using this database, you may create a standalone about page for your website that contains details on each employee. As your workforce increased and changed, it would be simple to update information in bulk since the collection is a database, for example.

Over 250 free and paid apps in the WiX app store are accessible through the platform. These apps can assist with blogging, merchandise, shipping, and marketing.

What’s New in Editor X?

Since Editor X was only introduced in February 2021, many users are still learning about most aspects of the platform. The Editor X team has been working hard to make enhancements.

Editor X has experienced significant changes in the last year, going from 8 templates to 28. More are promised to be given in the future.

The launch of Academy X, an online library with video tutorials and practical exercises to educate you on the ins and outs of the Editor X platform, has provided the best opportunity for its users. There are currently 23 videos accessible, and Academy X will likely add more tutorials in the future.


This Wix Editor X review has come to an end, and we have come to the conclusion that this platform is not appropriate for novices. This tool is the ideal option if you have advanced design and technical skills. However, it still has some unique features, such as giving you a tonne of editing and customization options and allowing you to use this platform to create a fully responsive website.

You’ve come to the right place if you still have questions or are considering using Editor X but are unsure of where to start. Stellar Digital is a professional web development company specializing in web design and development services. You can reach us by sending an email to contact@stellardigital.in