Must-Have Features Your Restaurant App Must Include!

It’s quite amusing to witness the surge in applications. The world now is all about functioning online. Feeling low lately? Do you have an application that serves to pamper you; under the weather? Do you have applications that book virtual appointments with doctors around; low on groceries? There exist applications that provide door-step grocery deliveries for you. Similarly, when you’re hungry or craving particularly something sweet, savory, spicy- restaurant applications are right at your service!

These kinds of live examples are enough to convince the most traditional ones of us that the contemporary era is all about applications. They are practically ruling the world! Check-out this stat

According to the findings of a poll on Indian food delivery apps done by Rakuten Insight in August 2021, over 13% of respondents aged 25-34 years ordered from food delivery apps many times each day. According to the same poll, around 18% of respondents in the country purchased food using delivery apps less than once a month.

This surge and popularity of applications have made way for several application development firms and they are doing really well. These firms make sure that these applications (any ones) are tailored according to the requirements of the customer and include all the essential features that make them stand out.

Let us now find out the latest features of your restaurant app incorporated by restaurant app development companies

  • Loyalty, rewards and discount programs, as well as relationship building

Customers are at the heart of any business. A customer-focused company will constantly strive to pay closer attention to the properly crafted loyalty program. This assures an increase in consumer involvement as well as a rise in transaction volume. The loyalty program must be tailored to the unique demands of the business. Single-card loyalty programs are designed for single locations, and multi-card loyalty programs are designed for numerous locations. For a good knowledge of client behavior, your business’s mobile app must have a statistics interface. According to estimations, 37% of customers hunt for a mobile app to find a deal. Build consumer relationships through events or themed meals to create an intriguing potential.

  • Online ordering and mobile payments

Online food ordering is extremely advantageous to your restaurant’s mobile app. Customers use their mobile devices to order food in 69% of cases. Customers can also bypass large lines at their preferred eatery by ordering online. A mobile payment always makes a consumer delighted. The mobile app also improves order handling efficiency and accuracy. In fact, 67% of customers who order online return to the restaurant frequently. Push alerts for ordering are essential features.

  • Reservation of a table

Many high-end restaurants do not accept walk-ins and instead require clients to make a reservation for a seat ahead of time. Others may be smaller in size yet offer high-quality meals, making it hard to visit without a suitable table reservation. Customers who are unable to arrange a visit to their favorite restaurant will be greatly relieved if the restaurant app has a table reservation option. Pre-ordering is a vital feature for the restaurant’s mobile app, ensuring that you may dine 60% faster and without any waiting time.

  • Services based on location

Many mobile applications are outfitted with location-based services, allowing for consumer involvement prior to the customer’s arrival at the real site. This is comparable to handing out brochures to onlookers. According to certain research, using beacons can result in an 8-12 percent boost in your weekly client base.

  • Social media integration

Social media integration has become an imperative must for any business in today’s computerized environment. Photos are typically published to social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat so that customers may assess their experience. Furthermore, discounts and loyalty programs may be linked with social media, allowing customers to earn reward points while inviting their friends. This will not only attract new customers but will also entice existing ones to become repeat customers for your company.

Benefits of Restaurant Applications

Having understood the core features that your restaurant app must include- no matter what, you must also understand what all benefits does this renders. It is a vital part of the roadmap for your restaurant app development

  • Increased sales

This may appear to be self-evident, but digital ordering will improve your sales. In a physical arena, you are constrained by the amount of available space. To make matters worse, an overcrowded restaurant degrades guests’ experiences and many users prefer to order through a mobile app rather than visiting a real place. The availability of online booking choices will also boost the number of visitors who would value the convenience of making reservations through an app.

  • Customer involvement and brand loyalty

Mobile apps for your restaurant will assist you in staying in touch with your consumers, raising brand recognition and even building connections. They may receive updates about your latest offers, news and discounts via an app, and restaurant owners can collect feedback, host contests or run polls and surveys.

  • Payment processing is simple

Allowing customers to pay via an app is another crucial component in increasing client loyalty. Many individuals find it more convenient than carrying cash or plastic cards; also, it frees up your personnel’s time and allows them to focus on other vital activities. The more payment methods you offer, in general, the better.

  • An efficient method of obtaining consumer feedback

Apps are also excellent for gathering client feedback without the need for pricey interviews and questionnaires. Restaurants can rapidly respond to client’s wants and expectations, customize their products and give really customer-oriented service based on customer testimonials.


Understanding the audience as well as the stakeholders who will directly engage with and benefit from the app is essential in the creation of a restaurant app. In addition to that, restaurant app development companies always take that into consideration. Making ordering meals online a pleasurable experience is nearly entirely based on the quality of the application interface. A careful interpretation of the requirements by the development team and the restaurant owner might result in an amazing application that is popular owing to its attractiveness and convenience.

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