Top 5 Most Popular APIs For Building An SEO Software

Let’s face it, improving a website’s SEO ranking is becoming more and more difficult.  

Some of the tactics or methods that your digital marketers originally employed might no longer be as successful as they once were.

Several factors, like mobile friendliness, page speed, and technical SEO, have an impact on a website’s ranking, especially if you simply take an organic growth approach into account.

Here, the function of SEO API becomes crucial.

An interface called SEO API allows app developers to analyze data and incorporate SEO capabilities. The information your analytics provide requires you to do a deep dive because it’s very simple to become lost in all the data. Finding the best tool is crucial for organizing the insights and determining the appropriate next steps.

You will find some of the most helpful tools in this article to help you achieve your strategic goals and improve the SERP placement of your client’s website in 2022.

DataForSEO Google Trends API

The Google Trends API is one of the most widely used APIs in the world of SEO software, along with DataForSEO. Using real-time Google search data, you may do intricate online search ranking computations with the Google Trends API.

It enables you to create high-quality content automatically, which will help your website rank higher on Google.

The API may be used to perform intricate web search ranking calculations, giving you the opportunity to create better content, narrow down your target audience, and optimize your website to appear higher on Google.

Additionally, it provides users with the most accurate and recent information regarding the popularity of a particular keyword or phrase on Google. You may achieve this by gaining access to the Google Trends API, which contains data on how frequently a particular word or phrase has been searched on Google. The popularity of a keyword or phrase on DataForSEO will then be calculated in order to determine whether it is a good candidate to be added to the database of DataForSEO.

DeepCrawl API

The second API on the list helps to continue complete website crawls, collect data, and sends it to clients. In addition to this, we can get a tonne of technical SEO data for the website.

The DeepCrawl API is really powerful. This API cannot be integrated using a third-party provider to help you get data without writing code. In order to integrate with this API, you must link your scripts.

With the DeepCrawl API, you can easily perform a live crawl on both your website and the websites of your clients, and the greatest part is that they give you precise data for better outcomes.

Google Search Console API

The Google Search Console API collects click- and impression-related data as well as query and search rankings and other information.

There are several ways to integrate this API with your website or SEO software. Additionally, you can quickly create unique script routes for this API.

One of the main advantages of implementing this API is that you can get Search Console Data going back 16 months.


Without having to access the SEMrush tool interface, you may utilize this API to gain insightful information on the digital marketing strategies used by your rivals. Any dashboard, widget, or internal application can easily integrate SEMrush API.

You will only receive relevant competitor info using this. You won’t have to waste time looking through loads of useless data as a result. You may also use it to research the strategies of your rivals by looking at their backlinks, ads, and organic search position.

Ahrefs API

Ahrefs API is another fantastic choice for getting backlink data. Ahrefs have recently made its API available to users, and it is packed with the most recent integrations to help you.

It is simple to integrate and returns the necessary data in JSON format.


The nicest part about using an API to create SEO software is that it makes producing top-notch software considerably simpler. You may focus on creating better content rather than wasting time on the technical aspects, which are both frustrating and time-consuming.

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