What Are The Important Factors That Can Boost Your Gmb-Gbp Ranking?

In whatever business or industry you are working, these days majority of the business desire targeted visibility on Google. For this they have to optimize their website and Google ads but what most people are not aware of is that there is also a third entity there which requires optimizing: their Google business listing.

This effective listing, which is formally known as your business profile, provides a live overview of your company.

It will outline your best features and let the potential customer to quickly find and interact with you and the great thing is its completely free as well.

Now come,

Essential factors that can boost your Gmb-Gmp ranking

  • Completeness of Google business profile

It is the important conversion factor. The more information you will give the easier to elevate the ranking. But its not like that you update anything which comes to your mind. Make sure whatever information you are giving is true to your knowledge. By giving users access to all of your company’s information, it will enhance your listing.

Once your list gets verified these are things you should update right away

    • Business name
    • Contact number
    • Product/service
    • Business description
    • Opening hours
    • Product photos

A place in “Related Search” can be obtained by updating all the details, which also increases your chances of ranking in the local pack.

  • Choosing the right business category

Picking the appropriate business category when creating your listing is crucial for your company’s Google Maps ranking. The primary category explains Google what your business is really about. You should be careful in choosing the category for attracting both right consumer and ranking high.

Look for the category option in your Google Business Dashboard under your company name to select a category.

Since there are lot of categories listed so its common to make a mistake.

While improving your Google Business Listing ensure you utilize the right cluster of categories. Avoid choosing too many categories.

Do not consider anything else but the primary and auxiliary categories that the top three Google maps listings are using. Likewise, consider the arrangement of the categories.

After this, you can begin to test out different combinations they utilize and find out how search engines gives weightage to different cluster of categories. With this information, you may determine which order of primary and auxiliary categories has the highest ranks.

  • Ratings and Reviews

Google just begin using the GSR (Google Seller Ratings) to evaluate the ranking of a provided business listing. As per quality of reviews and ratings this algorithm ranks businesses.

A lot of data points, including average review rating and quantity of reviews for a specific company, are used in the GSR algorithm.

Apart from this factor like competitor’s reviews and ratings also being utilize to evaluate the business listings quality that are sent to the search engine. The rare chance of businesses have to enhance their ranking by offering better quality customer reviews and ratings.

Now you understand once you complete the transaction why the businesses ask for review. And as a business you should also ask customers to write down their review.

  • Landing page optimization

You can consult any SEO professional or expert what matters the most? He/she will tell you that organic search rankings matter the most.

Suppose your main website doesn’t rank well then, your GBP panel won’t perform well either. Producing valuable content for your GBP landing page is just as useful since Google should crawl the page and evaluate whether it’s inline with the interests of your target audience.

  • Google business profile post frequency

Just like in Facebook and Instagram your GBP/GMB profile comes with post feature. It is advised to post once in a week so that curious perspectives can get in touch with your business.

In post, you can describe about your products/services, provide latest news of your business or anything prospective customer desire to getting aware of.


These are the essential factors that will determine your GMB/GBP rankings. Optimize these factors for securing top position in local pack 3. In case you want professional assistance then Stellar Digital the best digital marketing agency in Delhi and Gurgaon offering excellent SEO services can help you out, just send us an email at contact@stellardigital.in